Connecting beryl to AGH in Slate AX

Hello, I have two routers a Beryl and a Slate AX. The Slate AX is running AGH. I’m using the Beryl as a VPN client (I have two WLANs, when i want to use the VPN i just connect to the Beryl) and i want to know if it’s possible for the beryl to connect to the the AGH instance in the Slate AX and if so, how can i do it. Thank you!.

The beryl WAN is connected to the Slate AX with an ethernet cable. is Slate’s IP

If your Beryl is connecting to a commercial OpenVPN provider, then you can try this:

You may have to set up VPN Policy so that Services from GL.iNet doesn’t Use VPN and/or enable Allow Access WAN, depending on the firmware version.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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Thank you! It works now!. I’m using azirevpn and changed the dns value to the Slate AX ip in the servers configuration.

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