Constantly Loosing Cellular Connection on Spitz x3000

I have one in my truck as well and it keeps disconnecting from the house very annoying to have to have a relative go unplug the router and plug it back in they better fix this

Can you upgrade the module firmware?

What do you mean enter the background of the router? Why can nothing be explained here from a to b I don’t get it. 6 months later still dealing with this. Every single week something resets and I have to go in and manually redo the Internet connection and reset the IMEI and sit here and play Tilly wings with rebooting changing the Sim selection back to back over to one where it should be in the IMEI getting changed can Rooter just not have, no issues or be sold correctly. This is so frustrating and ridiculous.

I’m willing to try anything, but I don’t know what the heck anybody means by going to the background of the router

Technical Support via GoodCloud.tar (192 KB)
I suggest you share the device and I'll help you operate it

No idea what you’re talking about, and I’ve listed everything in this (my) thread only to have it hijacked by other people and no solid solution to this issue. And again what does go into is background mean and how

Can you talk via email?

Why can no one just answer the question I just asked? Why am I getting scam vibes I’m not downloading a random file a stranger wants me to download.. I simply asked what the background is and how to do that command.. and no one can answer that among anything else

First of all, our router is running openwrt, which is a small linux system
If you know Linux, I'm sure this image will be familiar to you

Our graphical user interface (GUI) is based on this
It just simplifies it so that people who don't know linux can use routers

Maybe what I said was ambiguous
By background I mean the ssh terminal

Hi Goggles0086,

I would recommend emailing
GL.iNet staff have offered to remotely access your Spitz X3000 via to help resolve this issue, I would recommend emailing support and arranging a suitable time for them to access your device to fix this issue.

Hey goggles. I highly recommend trusting the staff here. They’re official GliNet support members who are willing to login to your router and fix it all for you remotely. Can’t get better than that.

Otherwise, I found a Reddit user that wrote down easy to understand windows instructions for getting into the “background” (which just means logging in to the router’s shell commands) of the router and how to update the modem firmware from there.

I hope this is useful:

Please let us know if you manage to resolve your issues.

Just wanted to thank everyone posting in this thread. It was a great read and, after finishing all the reading, I successfully performed the steps on this excellent page Upgrade Quectel Module Software - GL.iNet Router Docs 4. Super easy and took less than 5 minutes.

Immediately noticed a performance improvement going to the latest RM520NGLAAR03A03M4G_01.201.01.201 firmware on TMO coming from the factory default. Really happy here. Thanks again.


Well, I may have spoken too soon. Woke up this morning to full strength but no cellular connection. It eventually did connect, but this has not happened previously. I went to the history and see some “missing” sections which is also new. I think I saw this being discussed earlier in this thread.

I will continue to monitor but if it happens again I’ll have to flash an older firmware. Happy to help troubleshoot if I can (but would need guidance).

Are you talking about connecting to wifi, but the modem doesn't have a network?
It looks like the modem lost signal for a few minutes

Can I see your version number?


I was just a few hundred meters from the tower with a clear line of sight, so I "assume" the signal was very strong. However, the modem was not connected. You can see from the image I posted that the connection is generally very good in that location (Excellent RSRP, RSRQ, etc).

I ran the AT+QGMR command and this is the result:



Thanks for the help

Unfortunately, it happened again last night. It has never happened until I upgraded to this modem firmware. I was able to take a screenshot this time so you could see the full strength, but no connection.

To fix it, all I had to do was click "Abort" and then "Auto Setup", and it reconnected within about 10 seconds. It was stuck offline for about 12 hours until I clicked those buttons to unstick it.

Have you enabled automatic switching of dual sim cards?

No, I only have a single SIM located in slot 2. Slot 1 is empty. Do you think that makes a difference in this new firmware? I can move it to Slot 1 if so.

This is just my guess about the phenomenon
Can you send me the log
thank you