Convexa-B Mesh - Question - WiFi Issues

I have 3 Convexa-B 1 Primary and 2 Sub nodes and they were working great (or so I thought…)

  1. I am seeing some interference with the 5G band with my Fixed Wireless outside (Scanned and found they’re overlapping channels - I cannot change the fixed wireless so I was trying to change my channels in the GL:i app and it seems that it took the change - but i’m still seeing intermittent issues.

  2. Intermittent drop outs.- I am running pings to the Primary Convexa and wired - I am not affected, but if i run a consistent ping from a wireless laptop in the house it’ll disconnect, and then reassociate a minute or two later causing drop outs. I have independently cycled all of the sub nodes as well as the primary and verified operations are good. I wanted to turn off the 5g and have the option to in the GLi app, but it doesn’t seem to hold…

is anyone seeing weird stability issues with this?

  1. Port forwarding - I am seeing issues with port forwarding not working and i’m on the current firmware - is this still a known issue with a workaround being to program it in LuCi interface? I am seeing that it doesn’t work either…

just some general things i found in having this setup in a week or two. I had a previous Meshforce M3 mesh system with no issues but it was extremely basic and didn’t support VPN so I switched to these…

any help is greatly appreciated!

We have a beta6 firmware for 3.211 and planning to release it.

Can you try GL.iNet download center

For the port forward, can you give some details so that we can investigate exactly as you did?

So i upgraded the firmware and it knocked out the mesh with my two other convexas. Trying to establish the mesh and it’s taking longer than usual to link (still hasn’t)

Do I have to individually reset each sub node and firmware update it manually and then re mesh?

I did 3 node 3.211 B6 mesh today.

I did a full uboot refresh (they were all on 3.105) of each node individually because I wanted a fresh start.

Setup master node and I actually felt that the mesh connection process was much faster than it used to be getting the slave nodes attached.

Don’t know if this helps or not.

Hopefully not too much effort to for you to do a greenfield setup if you have to.

(Oh yes and unlike the Velica you’ll have to upgrade each node individually :frowning: )

that was my plan tonight -full reset, manual update, and re-mesh…thanks!

Here’s my old instructions for meshing the B1300 if that helps :slight_smile:

Hey! I had found yorus a while ago and also the factory documents with GL. I got them all working but I think i’m seeing some interference with my Fixed Wireless on the 5G band. I did change channels but would also like to rule out the ability to turn off the 5g.

@alzhao - Is it possible to turn it off? Also is there any type of interface in the Luci side of things that has site surveying to see channelization? I am getting some intermitten drop out still and i just need to figure out where the interference is coming from…

Stuff works for 10/30/2 hours and then just randomly cuts out…

Turn off what?

Generally it should not be channel problem when using 5G wifi.

the 5g band.

I wanted to turn off 5Ghz Wifi to rule out interference from the WISP p2p gear.

Seems that you cannot do it if you use mesh mode.


I am still seeing very poor 2.4/5ghz performance.

I have confirmed with WISP that their hardware is in the 5800 range frequency wise and my Convexa’s are in the 5200 so there’s not any signal overlapping but between that and the 2.4 i’m getting awful connectivity/timeout and performance.

my service is 50/30 currently wireline and wireless i’m lucky to get 8-10mb down and 5 up. regardless of 5g or 2.4.

@alzhao - Can you confirm if wired backhaul is supported on these? - I saw the B2200’s are but curious if these are…

Yes can you try that?

Convexa-B uses both 2.4G and 5G as wireless backhaul. So seem the mesh was built on 2.4G and speed will be low.

I did and performance did not improve.

by the wire I can get my 50/30 advertised speeds. with Wifi 2.4 or 5g it seems i only get mayyyyybe 5-10mb down and 5-10 up at the most…timeouts and buffering and intermittent connection loss too.

So i removed thej Convexa-b and the two satellites and replaced with a Netgear AX4 router to test for the interim. Wireless performance is back to near wireline speeds and functional.

there is something up with the Convexa’s for sure - not sure what specifically but the 2 and 5g bands both were having issues and couldn’t sustain any data rates worth using.

hopefully a firmware fix will be available to tackle this.

Another feature would be nice to allow full support of wired backhaul and separate 2 and 5ghz SSID’s!

I have test Convexa-b.
1,Wired backhaul is supported.Can you describe the steps you take to configure wired backhual?
—> You can configure a MESH network wirelessly first. Then use wired links to keep them on a LAN. It will automatically switches to wired MESH.

2, Low wireless speed: Please execute the following instructions and send me the screenshot.

( echo ‘td s’; sleep 1; echo ‘q’; ) | hyt
( echo ‘hy hd’; sleep 1; echo ‘q’; ) | hyt