Crashed AR300M, NOR ssh cli, but no web ui and no uboot


I crashed accidentally an AR300M.

Now I have only NOR ssh cli, but no web ui. I tried to start the uboot, but I didn’t get it running.

Is the procedure on “” not the right way for the AR300M?

Is there a way to flash a new NAND firmware from the NOR ssh cli?


Stefan Klatt

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Playing around with firmware I did the exact same thing with my AR300M… I was able to re-flash NAND in Uboot. The directions in the link were a bit off for what I did so here’s my steps:


  1. Connect only one cable to the LAN port on the AR300M. The other to your computer.
  2. First, press and hold the Reset button firmly; then power on your device.
  3. The LEDs will start to blink. Keep holding it (about 6 blinks. There is one initial power on blink then 5 after that) until the flashing stops.
  4. Release your fingers.
  5. Set your computer’s IP address to
  6. User Firefox or Chrome to visit
  7. Find your firmware and upload (I used openwrt-gl-ar300m-ubi-2.21-3.img)
  8. Wait around 3 minutes. Don’t power down your device while upgrading.

Good luck! It took me several times before I got it working.

AR300M’s uboot may boot slow. So just keep the button pressed and wait for the LEDs to flash.

Thanks LostDog. On this way I got the uboot. Probably I didn’t wait not long enough.

I followed these steps. The LED is flashing, and I can access the firmware upload screen. When I select the newest firmware from OpenWrt and press “Upload”, the http connection is reset, and nothing more happens. I can still ping to Is it broken for good?

Also I cannot access the uboot console via serial UART.

Why you cannot access uboot console? Does the serial UART has output at all?

No, the screen stays empty without any output. I tried minicom, screen and kermit. Also the RX/TX leds on the serial adapter do not flash.

First, you need to use a 3.3V USB uart adapter.

Second, you should connect TX, RX and GND correctly. Then there must be output.

I just checked again, sorry my fault. Seems I connected to the PCIE port. Will try again and report success.

I have now connected RX->TX, TX->RX, GND->GND. When I start the AR300 with reset button pressed, the LEDs are not flashing at all. No output on the serial console.
When the serial UART is not connected, I can reset the device and the LEDs are flashig. Then I can connect to and get the Firmware Update screen. But the connection is reset as soon as I try to upload a firmware file.

Can you give a picture of your uart adapter and the way you connect?

I got one step further. Now I used kermit instead of minicom, now at least there is some output. It says:

U-Boot 1.1.4-g9abb38de (Aug 25 2016 - 08:51:31)

DRAM: ath_ddr_initial_config(219): (16bit) ddr1 init
4 MB

and nothing more. Any more hints?

I know from my AR300M that some uboot loaders seem to not like Windows for some reason. Did you try uploading the firmware from a ubuntu live disk (or something like that)?

I run Debian Linux on my Notebook. No Windows involved.

Can you check if you have set correct baudrate?

It’s set to 115200. And as reported above, I do get some messages now.

If nothing more it seem the router is stuck for some reason.

But if you disconnect uart and uboot still works, it is weird.

I made a little progress. When I disconnect the uart, press the reset button and power cycle, and then reconnect the uart, I get a uboot command prompt where I can execute comands like help or tftpboot. On my laptop I have a tftp server running. How to proceed? I would like to flash the newest openwrt firmware 21.02.1.

Seems your UART adapter has problems. Is it 3.3V, not 5V?

Check here Advanced Uboot - GL.iNet Docs

Yes it is set for 3.3 V.