Deployed Overseas trying to setup VPN for US streaming

Hello, Im deployed to South America and trying to troubleshoot my GL-MT3000 using the local internet service. I have previously set this up with no issues and have been able to do work, stream internet services and game while down here yet as if I am in New York, Atlanta or Miami which are my current servers. Had a connection issue with the local provider, fixed it, now when I try to log back onto everything it still is as if I am connection from South America and am blocked on certain sites and services. I am running NordVPN on the OpenVPN Client, using 4 servers each in New York, Atlanta and Miami. Ive got green lights saying they ARE connected to said servers but when I try to log into my respective work sites and service sites some block me, others are restricted and some dont even work at all due to being in South America. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Just to be certain: Did you read this topic?

I did not. Thank you for pointing it out to me. I did do a quick look to find any similar issues and did not come across this. Ill look it over and see what I can find. Thank you again.

Many services detect and block commercial VPNs these days. Was overseas recently in Japan and most of my Australian streaming services recognised I was on a VPN (Keepsolid). Luckily I was running a Wireguard server at home which worked a treat on all the services.

Maybe you problem🤔

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