Nord VPN connection failed and fix

Nord VPN connection failed and fix

If your nord vpn connection on the router failed today, don’t be surprised.

Check out this

Nord has VPN specific username and password, which is different from your Nord login username and password.

Before you may be able to login using both. But today you can only use the vpn specific username and password.

This is the correct one
Click Nordvpn and go to the bottom, find “Set up NordVPN manually”,

Nord send verification code to your email and use the code to verify and display your vpn username and password. Use this one to update the vpn credential on the router

This one cannot be used to connect vpn.

Update the vpn credential of Nord on the router. The images is for 4.x firmware

If you haven’t set up or purged your vpn profile, set up like this.

If you have set up, here is where you can modify the username and password

Pls read out docs which described everything

Got hundreds of inquiry about this today.
Nord support may be even busier.

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Please don’t just pin this, use it to correct the information on your (and NordVPN’s) setup instructions.

I was about to return my brand new Beryl until I discovered this thread via one last search.

Why NordVPN has two logins is one thing. Why they don’t tell anyone is another.

Nord VPN is known to not tell subscribers problems that impact service, security. There’s a reason they have the bottom of the barrel reputation for paid providers in the privacy “”“community.”“”

Yes, this works and resolved the issue. Thanks

Just use the credentials within nord vpns manual setup. Nord Vpn Dashboard > Nord VPN > scroll down > set up manual … and you get the right username and password