Difference between VPN Server and VPN client

I have a brand new AR750S and am really happy with it.
I have set up VPN Client using ProtonVPN and your instructions
This works well, the speed is slow it otherwise works as expected, the clients are passing through the VPN
My question is, what is the difference between OpenVPN Client and OpenVPN Server, why and when would I use the OpenVPN Server way of configuring VPN on this device ?
Thanks in advance.

Your ProtonVPN is the server in your case, they have the OpenVPN Server configured on their side.

GL routers let you set up your own server, so you can for example have one router at home as a server, and then a second device, either your phone a second router as the client when you are on the go.

Many GL users have a B1300/S1000/MV1000 at home, and a Mudi/AR750s/Spitz with them outside.

I just don’t understand how you can set up a VPN Server at home, that is why I use ProtonVPN, I cannot see how I could set up my own OpenVPN server ?
Thanks for your reply.

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First it depends what you are using the VPN for. If you just want to bypass netflix blocks or something like this at home, then using an external VPN such as ProtonVPN is required.

If you want to just stay safe when you are outside so your traffic is not monitored, or you want to be able to access your network at files remotely, then you can set up your own VPN at home, and use it when away.

The GL interface lets you easily set up such a server. You can follow the guide here:


HOWEVER, OpenVPN is pretty old and slow, the latest VPN protocol is called Wireguard. It is more secure and faster than OpenVPN. You can also set up a server at home and a client for remote access easily, you can see here how to do that:


Thanks this makes sense!
I noticed the OpenVPN speed problems.
Unfortunately ProtonVPN does not support Wireguard yet.
Thanks for replying.

You will get around 20mbit maximum on OpenVPN, but around 80mbit with Wireguard

Yes, I’m trying to find something faster for home user, looks like the MV1000 is not really what I’m looking for , the S1000 I cannot find, I am looking for something like the AR750S but with FAST VPN for streaming, I may have to go to Netgear etc.

so long as you dont need wifi. the mv1000 will suite your needs. but if you need wifi, then $30 additional with external usb wifi dongle.
mv1000 is a powerhouse.

You want an OpenWRT based router for easier VPN setup. I think GL is till the only one that has a nice Wireguard configuration interface as well. On other routers, unless they have VPN server in their interface, there is no way to install it like you can on OpenWRT.

So you would set up the MV1000 and put a WiFi Dongle on the MV1000… ?

Problem is the 25Mbps OpenVPN limit ;-(

If you use the S1300 from Amazon above, with your AR750s, you would get close to 80mbit using Wireguard.

You still haven’t said what you use the VPN for exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

I use VPN for everything, I am usually connected to VPN from Linux, Mac OS X and smart devices but the reason I need speed is for the streaming from Kodi and Android TV side loaded APKs, I have RealDebrid but I often just watch show so I need a bit of speed.
I am a ProtonVPN subscriber and they don’t have Wireguard support for now!

Hi @Johnex,
Would like to get your guidance and suggestions.

Per your Concept understood the following:
US Home ISP Provider → US Home Modem → US Home GL BRUME MV-1000 (to act as VPN Server via Wireguard/OpenVPN Server)

Out-of-Country Modem → Out-of-Country Router wired to–> GL-AR750S Travel Router (to act as VPN Client via Wireguard/OpenVPN Client)–> Connect WORK laptop to the GL Travel Router wifi signal

Could you please help me understand a little bit more details on the following?

  1. With the above setup, believe that I do not need to subscribe to any commercial VPN services like ExpressVPN, MullVad etc., as the above solution would act as point to point VPN tunnel. Please confirm if my understanding is correct.
  2. Is there anyway we can test this concept to confirm if it works before traveling out of country?
  3. Will the work laptop show the same “What is my ip?” as if working from home?

Sure be nice if GL iNet would fix the software to allow us to setup both a Wireguard server and an OpenVPN servers on their routers running at the same time, so when we are out and about using WIFI behind restrictive firewalls we could have more than 1 choice of protocols. Also to get around restrictive firewalls found in a lot of hotels and Airbnb it would be nice if the OpenVPN server allowed us to use ports 80 and 443, and preferably both at the same time supporting both UDP and TCP. The current software limitation of allowing only one server, with one protocol, on one port is very limiting.

We have this feature in firmware 4.x. Available Q1 2022.

Good suggestions. Send request to developer.


Yeah you understood perfectly.

  1. Yeah you become your own VPN provider.
  2. The easiest way test is to either connect the AR750S to your phones mobile hotspot, or to tether the phone using a cable to the AR750S via the USB port. You will be on a different network (your mobile network) and will be able to test as if you were in another country.
  3. Yes, any device connected to the AR750S will have the same IP as the server (your home IP).

@eric I have both OpenVPN and Wireguard servers running on my S1300 without issues. The only limitation in the firmware is that you can’t have an OpenVPN client connected to a VPN service, and have a OpenVPN server for combined access to your home network and also VPN on top.

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Hi guys, I have just bought the GL.iNet GL-MT1300 (Beryl) router.

My main purpose is to use it as VPN client while I am working remotely from another country, mainly to connect to a VPN server in my home town (GL BRUME MV-1000?) in order to “simulate” that I am working from home :slight_smile:
I am not very familiar with own VPN setup. What would be your suggestions?

  • What about to get the GL BRUME MV-1000 to act as VPN Server via Wireguard/Open VPN)?
  • I usually work with a company laptop connecting via company vpn (Cisco AnyConnect), would it be feasible to connect to the compay VPN at the same time I am connected to my home VPN server so the IP shown is the one from my home town?

I really appreciate your help!

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Yes you can set up MV1000 as Wireguard server. As your have MT1300 now you can just try it. The UI is the same.

I think double vpn (Anyconnect via Wireguard) works.

I’m on the same boat as you. Working out of the country simulating to be home, using work laptop with company vpn (Cisco). My setup is a AX1800 Flint at home running as wireguard server and AX1800 Flint at my current out of the country home running wireguard client, no problems at all.

I also have a Beryl with me at all times for backup and travel in my current country acting as a wireguard client and it also has a commercial Open VPN client that my company doesn’t flag. I have the open vpn just in case my stateside fireguard server fails (connection, electricity, etc)