Differences between Mudi versions, GL mifi, and other options

Ok, I’ve been using an Inseego mifi for ATT, but I’m dropping it for Tmo - I’d like to get a mifi that I can use on Tmo and had been looking at the Mudi or XE300, but I don’t know which is the newer, better device. I’ve seen reviews that the Mudi gets slow speeds and runs hot, but I don’t know how the XE300 performs. I need to change my TTL, so these have been looking pretty appealing.

Are there other things I should be considering? Other brands? I’d like to keep it to $150 or less.

There is a new Mudi V2 GL-E750V2 that will be released shortly.

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XE300 is targeting commercial use:

  1. 2.4G wifi only
  2. LED display
  3. Two Ethernet ports
  4. optimized charging
  5. Possible for external antenna

E750 is targeting consumer use:

  1. 2.4G and 5G wifi
  2. LCD display
  3. No Ethernet port
  4. Heavier

E750v2 is optimizing various features, e.g. battery charging, heating and upgrading global modem.

Ay idea when v2 will be coming out? I want to buy asap.

The GL-E750 and GL-E750V2 both have 1 Ethernet port with the USB-C port replicator. It can be used either as a LAN or WAN port.

Yes. That is correct. But I don’t carry the port replicator a lot.

My intention was to provide accurate information to the OP. Users can decide for themselves whether carry the port replicator. Personally, my travel bag always contains an Ethernet cable and USB Ethernet adapter (as well as other accessories that may come in handy).