Different networks have different exit node (OpenVPN / WireGuard / TailScale)

Hello everyone and hope you are doing well!

I’m trying to configure different networks for different exit nodes.

My task is the following:

lan clients => tailscale => wan port
wifi 2.4G clients => OpenVPN => wan port
wifi 5G clients => WireGuard => wan port

In other words:

  1. Clients connected to the local network via wire have access to the Internet via a tailscale exit node
  2. Clients connected to a 2.4Gh wifi network (for example, with the name SSID OpenVPN) exit through the OpenVPN connection
  3. Clients connected to the 5Gh wifi network (for example, with the name SSID WireGuard) exit through the WireGuard connection

I understand that this probably cannot be achieved using GL, so I am ready to use a script or other solutions through luci.

As I understand it, using such a chain I will end up with the following:
OpenVPN connection will go through TailScale, and WireGuard will go through OpenVPN which will then go through TailScale which will eventually fail, as happened here

Any ideas how I can achieve this? By any means :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps we should bind different VPNs to each hotspot

Maybe. When I do this, I gain access to either one or a second VPN exit point.