Disappearing devices in goodcloud?

This morning when logging into my goodcloud account most of my devices are gone. I have no idea what happened as the remaining ones seem to have been picked at random. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?


@nktech1135 I can also confirm majority of my devices have disappeared.

They are all assigned to the same region.

I can’t get into goodcloud.xyz right now. DNS address could not be found. Down for update or maintence?


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Goodcloud itself is up for me, it’s just that i can’t see most of my devices.

I just detected also that one of my devices disappeared from the dashboard.

Goodcloud is up and accessible for me as well. Just missing 50+ devices.

I have the same problem , will be fixed or they dont come again?

Could you tell us which region you used?

Same here. login today, and 50 devices removed/gone.
America/USA Region

I hope this is just a glitch and it will be repaired…

Could you pm you username of GoodCloud to me?


America/US region
Goodcloud.xyz website does not load for me(says DNS problem. I am using Surfshark DNS servers for adguardhome and have Multi-WAN set with cloudflare and cisco DNS)
App seems to be working on TMobile that has VPN tunnel running

DNS is my end able to reach the site on another network.

The GoodCloud always work normally, but the disappearing device for some users maybe a issue we should notice.

After checking the log of server, your devices in GoodCloud maybe deleted by Admin web panel of device.

@clannad - We did not delete any devices, they have simply disappeared from our goodcloud.

@clannad - I am unable to send a PM and unable to reply to the thread as there is a 3 limit reply for new users. If you can PM me I will provide the login.

I did also not delete the device, it just disappeared. I’m using the europe server. I did manually re-add it, because it is only one.

You can also send it to my email. yongping.xie@gl-inet.com

I am having the same issue. I am using the America server and I am missing over 200+ devices. Username unifiedcommand

Just chiming in here to re inforce what others are saying on this thread and i am saying on my pm thread.
I did not delete the devices and as each device is with separate unrelated users i don’t think it’s possible they did either.
Is there any possibility of recovery?
Also, Is there any possibility we can find out who deleted them? for example, what ip address did the unbind command come from?

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All of our devices also disappeared, Americas region