[Disregard; PEBAK] Bug: f/w 4.2.1: Duplicate WG Profiles present after creating a Group

Device: ATX1800
Firmware: 4.2.1-release4

Issue: After adding a WireGuard conf to the ‘drag and drop’ section under VPN Client, it is not apart of an assigned group (eg: peer_3357). This is understandable. After editing the newly created ‘unnamed’ group (group_3144) which includes the automatically newly assigned peer_2002, there are two entries in /etc/config/wireguard for the one WG profile:

config peers ‘peer_3357’
option name ‘ca-tor.prod.surfshark.$myName’
option address ‘’
option listen_port ‘35501’
option private_key ‘$myKey’
option dns ‘,’
option end_point ‘ca-tor.prod.surfshark.com:51820
option public_key ‘W9bzkcL3fiV64vDpB4pbrz8QafNn3y5P9Yc/kQvy4TA=’
option allowed_ips ‘’
option persistent_keepalive ‘25’

config groups ‘group_3144’
option group_type ‘2’
option auth_type ‘0’
option group_name ‘Surfshark’

config peers ‘peer_2002’
option group_id ‘3144’
option address_v4 ‘’
option end_point ‘ca-tor.prod.surfshark.com:51820
option private_key ‘$myKey’
option public_key ‘W9bzkcL3fiV64vDpB4pbrz8QafNn3y5P9Yc/kQvy4TA=’
option presharedkey_enable ‘0’
option allowed_ips ‘’
option dns ‘,’
option persistent_keepalive ‘25’
option local_access ‘0’
option name ‘ca-tor.surfshark.$myName’
option ipv6_enable ‘0’
option default_metric ‘0’
option masq ‘0’
option mtu ‘1320’

Bug: Once a peer is added to a group (eg: peer_2002), the old entry should be automatically removed (eg: peer_3357).


Which part do you edit?
Will this issue happen if you only use the admin panel to do settings?


I removed the section config peers ‘peer_3357’ fr /etc/config/wireguard after I created a group, Surfshark. I then checked /etc/config/wireguard again & found peer_2002 … which is the same wg config as peer_3357.

The steps were as follows:

  • Upload a single wg .conf from a provider via the GUI
  • Create a group for that provider via GUI
  • Assign that single wg connection to the new group via GUI
  • cat /etc/config/wireguard to see there are two configurations for one connection.

Sorry, I don’t reoccur this issue. Could you give some screenshots of your operation?
Why there’s no “option group_id ‘xxxx’” for “config peers ‘peer_3357’”?

I can’t ATM; that conf is now long over-written. I can the same steps as I’ve already described above but it’ll have to be as time permits… so in a day or two.

Good question. I suspect that was because the .conf was upload to the GUI’s ‘drag & drop’ box & applied it before I created a Group… hence this bug report. You’ve got me questioning myself now though; I’ll backup the current working config & start over fr scratch. Give me a day or two.

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Right; so I just flashed a Flint w/ 4.2.1-r4… so the same f/w as my Slate AX. I attempted to ‘drag & drop’ a VPN provider’s conf to upload but wasn’t able until at least a ‘New Provider’ group was created. I did so.

I checked cat /etc/config/wireguard & saw that new peer had the appropriate group_id of that ‘New Provider’.

It seems this thread/report can be disregarded.

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