DMZ doesn `t work in GL-MV1000

My GL-MV1000 IP 192.168 .178.95 is connected to my main router IP (german Fritz Box) via cable mode (static IP). A Cisco AP is also connected directly with the GL-MV1000, for wireless clients. For some reasons some wireless clients are connetced as well to the main router Fritz Box. Unfortunately this wireless clients which are connected with the amin couter do not access my server IP in the subnet of the GL-MV1000.

The main router IP is , the subnet GL-MV1000 IP is The subnet is activated in the main router. I tried DMZ host IP and Abrir DMZ activated, but without any success.
Does somebody have any suggestion what the problem could be.

Best Regards

The Ethernet Port 4 of your Fritzbox can configured on advanced admin menue of fritzbox, different than your other Fritzbox ports ( can be as guest or DMZ port or like this). And you can configure the rights for devices and user on advanced adminmenue of fritzbox …
It can be your problem is related on one of this or on other things.

By the way, you are a lucky guy. Most of Fritzboxes support WPA3 by actual AVM beta firmware.

Hello Henry,
many thanks for your information. I don`t want to open DMZ at the Fritz Box. All clients and servers are implemeted in the GL VPN router sub network. It only one mobil client in the Fritz box WiFI network which needs to connect to the sub network. So my idea was to open DMZ for one server in the subnetwot or deactivate the GL router firewall complete

According to your another post, you are mixing things up. You used MV1000 as WG server. But why you put an AP under MV1000?

Can you put what you want in a thread so that information is clear?