Do Site to site works to anyone?

Attempting to create a site to site connection. Unsure if the port 51830 is OPEN by default or is only assigned. Can’t manage the remote device to open its port now !

Will be open automatically.
If your device is behind a NAT, you need to config port forward.

For more info, please read this document

Thanks for fast answer. No, to me the devices are not behind a NAT, since both are connected with a SIM card by a provider (Iliad) where the IPs are public. Here in the device near to me I’ve forwarded anyway the port 51830 but not the same on the remote device, if really is needed for the site to site connection.

Only the Main Node side’s device need to have a public IP.
I am not sure if a SIM 4G internet provider can assign you a public IP, as I know, many 4G provider don’t do this.

What is your problem now? Cannot create a Site to Site network successfully?

“New user cannot upload the image”, so I have to describe it. Yes the problem is that I can’t create a site to site network. Reason why is my question.

I just send you an email, you can reply the email with images.

I got the image @digimap sent me.

Sent mail. You can choose freely if to post here our discussion. Maybe others interested in.

I had a LOT of port related problems with Cell connections (your SIM card …)

“Port forwarding” can only work if you OWN the IP… if you are getting a dynamic IP from your LTE provider you are behind multiple layers of NAT and even though you set up your port forwarding correctly, it will most likely fail.

I went round n round with several LTE providers with the same results until I discovered the NAT issue. Even though you go to ‘’ or other similar sites and see ‘your’ IP, it’s not ‘really’ your IP … NAT wins.

Purchasing a static IP from your LTE provider is an option, but can be very expensive. Verizon wants a one time $500 fee, Sprint won’t do it at all, ATT has an application process which all my attempts have failed.

I finally found a reseller that has access to static IP’s for a reasonable charge and NOW IT WORKS PERFECTLY. By purchasing the static, it is still behind multiple NAT layers but they’ve done the programming to let you actually own the IP. If you would like one (they’re only authorized to sell accounts in the USA) message me and I’ll let you know how to sign up. (I do get a commission for the referral…)

There are several LTE prviders in the US that will assign a static IP. If you really want site to site on an LTE connection, it’s mandatory.

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Thanks for your help. So until now it seems that:

  1. the public IP I see from whoisip or the gl.inet cloud Is not a really only mine public IP of the SIM
  2. to have access to my router gl.inet ( setted with a 4G/LTE modem ) from remote I need a VPN
  3. Site to site network between two gl.inet devices does’nt work without a real public IP
  4. One of the two gl.inet devices I’ve bought for a site to site network in this situation it’s useless

Yes, your conclusion is correct.
There is a service that can allow you to remote access the router without a public IP, it is under development.

Look to TeamViewer for the model - the client makes a connection to a server and registers itself, thus opening the ports from inside. The server then can direct remote control to the open port on the client.

for can work you need one fixe ip, for the server.
for all the other they can be via 4G or whatever.

i have the same thing.
and i buy one device for the server, and the other are client, and they can be with all ip address.
each client don 't need to open the port.

but if you don 't have a real ip fixe on the server, it can’t work.

for can do a site to site with 2 sim card ip, you need 3 device.

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This is not exactly clear to me, but my configuration is:
a) 1 gl.inet Mango as server in a remote site/2nd house with a LTE/4G USB Key, where I need to check devices like bullets, video intercom, switches (IOT), energy consumption and so on.
b) 1 gl.inet Mango at home under a ADSL/FTTC modem_router.
This configuration could be reversed when I stay in my 2nd house.
Unfortunately the IP of the SIM card provider seems to be shared so I can’t create a site to site network between the two devices.

edit: I read something about OpenVPN that probably helps me to solve the problem. But I can’t understand what does it mean when they say that 2 connections are free. Two connection per day ? One connection betwen two devices per time ?

in your configuration, if your ADSL provider give you a fixe adress, you need to use this one for the server, not the one with 4G/LTE.

if your adls don’t give you a fix ip, you need tu a reverse dns for can know your ip (or name) as soon as your are connected.

on your adsl modem, you need to open/route the port 51830 (if i remember) for the site to site .
the second one with the LTE 4G will be the client.

when you are using share ip (like for 4G, you can only be a client.

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If the data I need to see (video intercom, bullets an so on) or to have access are in the client, could I have access from the server one? When site to site network is established, the server and the client have the same value or privilege?
If so, I have to ask the adsl/fttc ISP for go out of the NAT and have a direct IP address. Actually Ivm behind a NAT but I have a chance to obtain a public IP.
This, only if the answer to the two first questions is yes.

yes, as soon as the site to site configuration is done, you can acces on both side.

from client, you can access to the server lan
from server lan you can access to the client lan.

if the nat, provide all the time the public ip, normally you need only to route the port to your router!

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:+1: I’ll try to do it!

Now my ISP assigned me a public stati IP, but unfortunately now I’m in the middle of the ford. On one side the static public IP is much more exposed to intrusions and, on the other side, the site to site network between the two Mangos does’nt work. I opened ports everywhere was possible, the main router, the Mango under the main router, the Mango with 4G modem on remote site.

you need only to open one port on your main router that’s all
open or redirect is better

could you do a schematic about your connection?

a) Fastgate Technicolor as main modem-router at home, 51830 port forwarded to the IP assigned to the Mango ( IE It now has a public static IP.
b) Mango at home with a cable ( ethernet fom main router) in the Wan port ( it generates a network 192.168.8.X) . Port 51830 opened here too. The Wan port is setted as Wan not Lan.If I set as Lan, this Mango can’t be seen on Cloud nor has access to internet.
c) Mango remote with a LTE/4G functioning with an internet access, port 51830 opened…
On the Gl.inet Goodcloud I see both Mangos, but when I try to create the site to site network, it appears that none of the devices can function as a server.