Does GL-MT1300 Beryl support Adguard Home and GL Product questions?

I want to buy a GL Router, and I want to ask a few questions.

  1. Does GL-MT1300 Beryl support Adguard Home?
  2. Is there a GL router that supports dual-band Wifi(2.4G & 5G) and Adguard Home simultaneously?
  3. Does GL have a detailed document of scaleout GL product comparison including features/spec. of hardware and software.

Thank you.

I also would like to know the answers.

What do you mean by “support Adguard Home”? I successfully run it in mine (incl. 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi). Two or three devices do not seem to be a problem, I have not tried with more devices. But it doesn’t seem like it would have an issue with another two or three at least. Resource usage was not too high.

Of course if you want to run Adguard Home, you need to run it on external storage (e.g. SD card, USB stick…)

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MT1300 does not support adguard home because it does not have enough storage.

You can filter the product here Products - GL.iNet - GL.iNet

S1300 should be the one start adguard home.

Hi, @funfun @alzhao
Thanks for your reply, I bought GL-MT1300 router, can I install and run Adguard Home in its external storage(if I have a TF card)?

As @alzhao mentioned, it is not supported. But you can try and follow the guide I linked to do it (it definitely worked for me).

Where is the guide link?

This one: [HowTo] Running Adguard Home on OpenWrt - Community Builds, Projects & Packages - OpenWrt Forum