DSL Modem->Router VPN problem

Hi all, I need a help. I want to set up a configuration;
DSL Router( MER-Pppoe) Now Hub 2 → Flint Router(connected via Ethernet to WAN port) and need have working Surfshark VPN. I downloaded configuration file from Surfshark, uploaded to Flint router and when trying switch it on can’t connect. I need to check configurations on both devices are fine.

What I have done;

In Now Hub 2 ticked DMZ mode, provided flint IP,
On flint I set up IP as static with all details copied from dhcp bookmark. On NoW hub 2 I added reservation IP for Flint . Please see pictures. I don’t know what I am doing wrong …

Strip the VPN fr the equation. Can the Flint at least get an IP while in the DMZ? Does setting the Flint to DHCP for the Internet grab that expected IP?

(GL GUI → Internet → Network)

(I’m also a Surfshark subscriber).

Thank you for your reply, I am sorry could extend a bit your answer, more details what and how to do it with better English explanation?Thank you

Can your Flint get Internet access without enabling the WireGuard client mode? That’s the first step.

As I understand, you are setting up surfshark on AX1800.

You do not need to do anything on your DSL modem.

What you need to do is to make sure AX1800 has Internet before setting up vpn. Can you confirm?

The Surfshark wireguard does not connect, may be just no Internet or the Surfshark server is done.

Yes I can confirm on ax1800 internet works just great without a vpn. I have just downloaded Surfshark WireGuard profile and also the same with openvpn profile, when want to turn it on it stuck on establish a connection and then no

From the screenshot I cannot see if the vpn is connected or not. The log window covers that.

Can you show the status? Is it green or orange?

Also can OpenVPN connect?

Like I said above, the internet working on ax1800 without any problems until I want turn on VPN. The WireGuard or OpenVpn tested both ,stuck on orange indicator on establishing connection and internet stops working . I need to turn it off to get the internet back . I did hear if have not public IP this can be a problem also ? As I have connection with dynamic IP from my ISP ?

There is a difference between “public IP” and “dynamic IP”. Dynamic IPs are perfectly fine - you just have to use a corresponding DNS entry (DynDNS aka DDNS). Such a function is already built into the router.

No public IP usually means that you are behind CG-NAT (carrier grade NAT). This is usually the case with UMTS/LTE/cellular connections, but can also occur with normal providers. (You may be familiar with this problem from the past when the PlayStation 3 or XBOX could not connect to game servers)

Without a public IP address, the installation of a VPN server is - to put it simply - impossible.

So I think this is a problem, no public IP. But interesting question is, why if I use any vpn application on my device it’s working just fine but when want to set up it on my router with public IP it’s not possible ? I use the same network connection in both scenarios. Please see screenshot….

This looks just like some misconfiguration for me.

The problem is that helping based on your information and without the ability to test it is some kind of difficult.

Just my thoughts so far:

  • You are using the Flint behind your regular router
    • This causes that there is no real WAN-IP
    • This will cause that there is no DDNS update because it’s not a public IP

My try would be to clone the MAC of the Now Hub 2 WAN interface to the WAN interface of the Flint. After that, you could enter the PPPoE details on the flint directly so you can throw away the Now Hub 2.

If this doesn’t work you need to find another way to get a DDNS. There are other providers as well.

I have changed Now Hub 2 to TP Link one, also the same issue with VPN, Please have a look, does it look like VPN should work with this type of IP’s ?

Perhaps we have misunderstood each other.

Do you want the Flint to connect to a VPN provider like SurfShark or to act like a VPN server?

As ISP router I can use Now HUB 2 or TP Link archor 1200 doesn’t matter for me both get normally internet . To this router I want connect another one Ax1800 flint as it has AdGuard and VPN( currently have done it via WAN port . I visited Surfshark, downloaded cert file needed to set up VPN on router . I uploaded this on Flint router and want use a VPN as Client normally like we can use VPN app on mobile phone or PC to hide about traffic, will go through Surfshark server( data camp ) . I cannot establish a VPN client connection on router . As addition I checked my isp IP via cmd tracert command and comes up only 1 results so I think IP should be good for VPN .

Then I’m sorry, I misunderstood you. Forget all the things I said - they don’t apply to you and your setup.

As a client (!) VPN always works (yes, there are exceptions, but they are really special and don’t really apply to consumers)

In your case, I believe that the SurfShark VPN file could be the problem. Do you have the possibility to test another service?

There’s nothing wrong w/ the WG confs provided by Surfshark. I’m using their WG on my Slate AX as I type this.

OP should try another WG server location.

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:warning::warning:To all who had a conversation with me, finally it’s working, the problem I think is between AdGuard and VPN as only i ticked AdGuard settings from the picture on/off and VPN itself started working . I think is a BUG in open wrt firmware. I restarted router and again couldn’t connect to VPN, again ticked this settings on/off and it’s working, onced VPN is connected we can go back to AdGuard and turn it on, both working together just fine …Rest setting are left default.

Thank you all people for your time , all the best :wink:


Finally! :partying_face:

Great that it works now!

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If adguard home prevent wireguard connection, it is most likely a dns issue.

So does you wireguard use dynamic dns in its configurations?