Easy way to disable 4G modem in 4G Smart Router

I have the 4G Smart Router and am using it using a Tmobile SIM I had in a free tablet. This is working great so far with 20 Mbps down and same up. I tested Netflix, Spotify and my DJ software which uses Spotify in the backend.

What I would like to know…is there an easy way to turn off the modem, and turn the modem on when needed. I would like it off by default. I would like to be able to use the router features and turn on the modem when needed. A toggle switch on the outside like the AR300m that turns the modem on and off (as an option) would be great.

Let me know if there is an easy way…maybe on next revision you can add a switch to main page to turn modem off and on with a check box for “start at boot” or something.

Thank you. Great products so far.

This actually can be done because modem power is controlled by GPIO. You can use script to turn it on or off.

Currently this is not available on the UI. But as you said it may be good to add somewhere