EasyTether general considerations and experience

First off, I’d like to say that the official documentation and instructions need a lot of work. I had difficulty getting EasyTether running on AR300-M…hope it goes better on A1300 which I’m told is much better for this. But I do wish they would update the EasyTether stuff. I realize it’s a niche thing but for those of us who really need EasyTether this is a make or break thing. I did manage to get it “working” (with some caveats) and just wondering a few things (may be AR300-series specific, I don’t know.)

1 - No way to use the “Connect” button in the official GUI…the way I have it setup now the GUI does not even show USB connected or tethering when it is (and working). Previously it had the button and you could click it, but that did not allow EasyTether to work. This is not a huge deal, but would be nice if there was a way for that “Connect” to basically start up EasyTether as opposed to the “regular” USB Tethering connection.

2 - The connection will drop out randomly. It seems to run well enough for a day or so and then it will just drop out. I have to disconnect the phone and reboot the router. Usually it picks up EasyTether all by itself upon router reboot (with some delay) but there are times it fails and I’m in the SSH line having to manually start up EasyTether. Doesn’t seem to be any real rhyme or reason and obviously there’s no “display” in the official GUI to tell anything on that. It mostly “works” but it’s definitely not rock solid.

Overall I’m thrilled that I was able to get it working. The AR300-M is getting pretty long in the tooth but remains my favorite GL router because it uses so little power and doesn’t get hot at all. Runs off a battery pack for days. I’m looking to acquire the much newer A1300 and hope that EasyTether runs better and operates a tad faster on there but doesn’t seem to be a ton of commentary either way on the forum here. Again, I realize this is a niche thing, as most people don’t even know what EasyTether is.

Finally I’d like to say to the GL team - I really appreciate the “face to face with the developers” type style and response that you guys have here. It’s nice to see forums that aren’t just PR mouthpieces and clueless script drones reading the marketing bullet points and repeating them ad nauseum. The folks here seem to be genuine enthusiasts who actually use these products themselves and that’s fantastic. Thank you. I started with the GL-AR150(?) and have acquired probably a dozen various gl.iNet routers over the years and always looking forward to the next one as they continue to get faster and more capable each year. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing.

Unless easytether because active again, we will not be able to support officially.

Just some other experiences for cross link purpose

Thank you for the reply and links. Yeah I realize EasyTether appears to have been essentially abandoned since 2018. It still “works” but they are not actively working on it. I also realize it’s an extreme niche product category and not something most people are even interested in using. But for those of us who rely on it, it’s a big deal. I wish there was something similar that worked as well and did have active development but there really doesn’t seem to be. Most of them are software-based and require loading a client on each PC or whatever and I’m not interested in that type of solution (PairVPN etc etc). I guess we’ll just keep chugging along and dealing with the quirks as best we can until EasyTether just doesn’t work any more, hopefully we have some time before that yet. Thanks again.