Expand internal storage (GL-MT1300)

Hi, I have GL-MT1300
I want to hear if there is a step-by-step guide to expand the internal storage.
The reason that I would like to do this is to install more applications on my router.

I have an 8-gigabyte MicroSD that I have formatted.

Bear in mind I am pretty new to OpenWRT.

My understanding that the GL-MT1300, does have a MicroSD Slot. But it is for external storage of files (for File Sharing) and can not be used for internal storage.

From my understanding, it is possible (Please correct me if I’m wrong).
But you need to use some command lines or something called Exroot.
I’m not sure how to use it or if there are any guides about how to Expand the internal storage.

There are some instructions on this from the OpenWRT Wiki.

Happy days I followed this YouTube guide, and it solved my problems. Now I have six gigabytes of storage

Which firmware are you using on the beryl?

I’m using firmware 4.3.7

I finally got it installed at Adguard home on my Gl-MT1300
Now the problem is that when I turn it on, I’m not able to access the Internet, so I have tinkered with it.
But I’m not sure what I have done since I’m not able to access the Internet when I have it turned on.
If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Could it be that the router in itself has some ad blocker that is correlating with Adguard Home?

So now you have a DNS problem. That’s a topic for a whole new thread, methinks.

Close this one down (mark a ‘solution’) & be sure to include the firmware, Adguard versions in your new thread.

You aren’t the first to have such a problem with Adguard.