ExpressVPN New Router

Is this based on Flint router? Looks alike.


It looks exactly the same😄

I just checked U.S. Amazon 95% sure it is from the pictures and specs. I guess the trusted name of ExpressVPN and the promise of easy 5 minute setup is worth it to some people.(its $189 and you don’t even get a free month of service subscription is separate) That and you got the cool marketing department that came up with Aircove where all you devices can find safe harbor, were Gl.iNet has Flint start something. :laughing:


the specs look almost identical :thinking:

For this price I think its a total rip off if I compare to gl-inets.

My 1st impression of the router is Flint which totally exacly the same of the outlook and the spec as well.

Customizations include rebranded smartphone app (web configuration disabled?), predefined zero-configuration VPN, labelling/packaging, etc.

It is pretty normal for companies to have hefty mark-ups, given their large marketing/sales clout. Depending the contract sales volume, ExpressVPN may have paid little or no more for customizations. Hopefully, it will be a win-win for both companies and will expand strategically to other companies.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet


I’m surprised Supreme haven’t come out with a VPN seeing how hoovered up their audience is

Yes, somebody has to pay for all the customisation to make it fool proof for the average user to be able to easily use. if you look up Aircove on Youtube, there’s a couple of Express VPN videos showing some of the interface and it looks interesting (and colourful) . That being said assuming they’ve completed locked down the router so it can’t be used with other providers, maybe they should have used the old Gillette Razor marketing strategy, sold the Aircover really cheaply, as all the money is in the VPN subscription which users would be locked into if they use this device and generates ongoing income.

Express vpn actually has a nice firmware and it really worth the money.

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Does it use their special “lightway” protocol? On their website they mention the max speed it can handle, but not with VPN enabled. Would it be around the as the Flint AX (600mbps) or would it actually be able to handle gigabit connections?

According to them average speeds can get around 300mbps and depending on your initial original speeds and setting as well with configuration.

However, i have order one from Amazon and appointing shipping forwarding send it to my home country.

Expressvpn is worth for the money in terms of their firmware on the router as exclusively the only ONE in the market, but i believe the router is flint which quite expensive to sale.

The only way am consider bought their EXCLUSIVELY firmware on the router as no more customization on wifi 6 router anymore.

The software indeed looks very good. Especially the VPN grouping, different VPN for streaming, gaming etc.

@alzhao since ExpressVPN partnered with GL.iNet for the White Label and Customization Service, could we expect this feature to also come to the flint?:smile:

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I don’t think so. This is my guess.

Yes good idea, why don’t you “borrow” some of their features… has had the Flint($229) with their software about a month after the Flint launched and I see they have the Slate AX($224) out.

I just got my Aircove router which HUGE disappointing about the speed on lightway protocol.

After connected to the VPN, the speed get around 100-120mbps. There is no difference compared to my previous router Linksys WRT1200AC, especially for speed increase using their own expressvpn firmware on the router which has rebranding from Flint router.

So terrible and regrets with big HUGE disappointing wasted money only. I thought have an upgrade especially the speed increase a bit at least. Never thought is same scenario for Aircove and Linksys router of Expressvpn.

Is there a return policy or money-back guarantee for a refund?

Also, please contact their support to see what they say and let us know.

I have livechat with ExpressVPN on the matter. However, according to them even wifi 6 router doesn’t mean can get speed higher as causes many factors. I’m really don’t know what they said to me and explaining the whole bunch of wifi 6 router features. As far as am concern at least a bit speed increase compared to Linksys then should be fine even the firmware is used their old firmware. Got a bit annoying as defeat the purposed of upgrade the router from wifi 5 to wifi 6 of ExpressVPN.

Flint is a good router and powerful in terms of spec. and etc etc…especially they protocol wireguard can get up to 500mbps which i have 1 of it, but unfortunately after rebranding of ExpressVPN, is totally sucks the speed on lightway protocol.

Maybe in future if am really don’t need ExpressVPN then i will flash it back to Flint firmware. After connected the Aircove to my main router is detected the device under GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Lim, but got a thought that the price tag as compared WOW, not worth at all.

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Thank you for the detailed and helpful information.

Having their custom firmware may limit upgrades and bug fixes in the future.

I haven’t seen any documentation about flashing from ExpressVPN to GL-iNet and vice versa. Are you sure that’s possible?