External LTE antenna for MiFi

Wondering if anyone has recommendations on an external antenna to improve my GL-MiFi’s performance. It seems to do fine with higher signal strength, but as soon as comgt shows under about 20, performance gets a bit erratic. I see lots of speed bursting and diving and inconsistency. Compared to a GL-MT300N-V2 with external Huawei USB modem, the MiFi’s internal LTE antenna requires much stronger signal to operate.

Has anyone modded these with an external LTE antenna? Any recommendations on one that works well?


For your reference. MIFI LTE very slow - #17 by lucidtek

Thanks for the link. The antennas in that thread are no longer on Amazon (at least the link is broken). Ordered a couple of variants and will report back when I know whether or not they improve performance.



Is there a link anywhere that would provide step-by-step instructions for adding an external 4G antenna to GL-MiFi with EP06-E modem? Words of one syllable would be appreciated.

Could you please pm me your email? I will send you the guide, which is too large to upload in here.

Guys I bought mifi and lte experience is bad… Over wifi I get 7down and 22 up. Meanwhile my phone on the same carrier get 70/22

So download is affected. Please help me to solve this issue because I demand at least 40 mbps.

Lte band 2.

I’m not able to DM here yet. Any chance you could post a link to this guide? Thanks!