Extremely small portable USB-PD USB-C power supplies

Hi there,

I would like to gather insight on which, if any, single-port compact USB-PD chargers will reliably deliver 5V 3A to newer GL.iNet devices such as Slate Plus, Beryl AX, Slate AX, etc.

The point of this is to find power supplies that are good for travel and use on a plugstrip:

  • small (GaN based)
  • do not block any adjacent power socket
  • have one (1) USB-A or USB-C port (no integrated cable)
  • have a folding plug
  • will provide up to 5V 3A to any “dumb” device plugged in
  • no “quirks,” noisy power, or unreliability at max power draw

I’m currently looking at:

Any insight would be appreciated. After looking up datasheets I will probably eventually buy one or more of these to test.

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Prior art:

I just got this one since I will travel internationally with it. https://a.co/d/2IojG1G

I am using an Anker 511 myself for this purpose.