Factory PW not working for setup

I’m trying to set up my brand new router GL-MT3000 out of the box. The factory password located under the router is not working. Try capital and lower case letters with no luck. Can you help me? Thank you


where does it not work? Wi-Fi or web GUI?

I believe Wi-Fi. I didn’t change any settings. It’s brand new out of the box

Afaik the newer firmwares will generate a random Wi-Fi password. You should connect by LAN first and change the settings.

Understood. I’ll connect it now by ethernet. When I connect thru my phone to the routers SSID it still asks for a password. How can I bypass that?

You can’t bypass. You have to modify the Wi-FI settings via LAN first.

Ok. Can you help me. How do I do that?

Thank you. I still can not log into the router. I even tried goodlife and it did not work

Did you connect by LAN and try to open the web GUI?

If your Mobile is intelligent, it maybe sees the GL-Inet router got no Internet and is switching to the last known WLAN with Internet.
In that case, make sure the beryl WAN is connected to a ISP router LAN for the setup.

If the ISP LAN is also (as the GL-iNet default), the router got confused sometimes. And even if it should work, the behaviour is unpredictable strange.
Please make sure your home network is not …

Unfortunately, the modem will not let me connect at all. My phone goes back to my phone service. I have my ISP disconnected on the wifi. The password under the router is not working and the goodlife password will not work

As I wrote before: You must connect by LAN (which means cable plug into the router) before.

Should I try to connect thru my laptop?

Yes. But not using Wi-Fi. You have to connect by using a LAN cable before so you can enter the Web GUI to change the Wi-Fi settings (and passwords)

Sorry I’m new with all of this. Ok I’ll plug the modem into my isp modem then I’ll plug the modem into my laptop? Can you give me a quick run down of the steps? Thank you

Followed the steps and still can not connect

So you saw the web interface and changed the Wi-Fi settings? While being connected via LAN?

Okay, try reset factory first.
Then unplug everything router except power cable.
Now download app glinet and find your WiFi very close or full signal, I belive ssid name with GL***
Then type password router on your label bottom router.
Finally you can change password for router and modify WiFi. :wink: