Failure to install File Sharing

On the latest openwrt-mv1000-emmc-3.211-1112

Did you read the error and update the software packages as directed and try again after they updated?

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Yes, tried several times to no avail unfortunately. As you can see, the multi media one (as well as Luci) installed fine after updating the packages but the file sharing one has been stubborn.


I just teid and it installed quickly. Did you have vpn? Which region are you in?

Thanks. I am in the UK. Tried multiple resets, VPN off or on, Adguard off or on in all sorts of combinations imaginable but still no joy unfortunately. As stated before, Luci and Multimedia file sharing installed no problem whatsoever but the file sharing installation keeps on failing. I am at a complete loss.

Full reset without keeping any settings or installed packages, installed new openwrt-mv1000-emmc-3.211-1126 followed by another revert back to factory settings and still no joy.

Can you ssh to the router and try

opkg update
opkg install gl-files-browser

Then give the output.

Sorry there is a stupid typo. Use this one.


Thanks. Here you go: