Failure to install File Sharing

On the latest openwrt-mv1000-emmc-3.211-1112

Did you read the error and update the software packages as directed and try again after they updated?

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Yes, tried several times to no avail unfortunately. As you can see, the multi media one (as well as Luci) installed fine after updating the packages but the file sharing one has been stubborn.


I just teid and it installed quickly. Did you have vpn? Which region are you in?

Thanks. I am in the UK. Tried multiple resets, VPN off or on, Adguard off or on in all sorts of combinations imaginable but still no joy unfortunately. As stated before, Luci and Multimedia file sharing installed no problem whatsoever but the file sharing installation keeps on failing. I am at a complete loss.

Full reset without keeping any settings or installed packages, installed new openwrt-mv1000-emmc-3.211-1126 followed by another revert back to factory settings and still no joy.

Can you ssh to the router and try

opkg update
opkg install gl-files-browser

Then give the output.

Sorry there is a stupid typo. Use this one.


Thanks. Here you go:

I think it is successful now.

I’m also having the same problem on both the beta and snapshot builds. Even with the gl-files-brower command, I get the same output as @Almahadeus. The problem is that there are no options to configure in the Applications > File Sharing tab on the GL.iNet Admin Panel. So there are no options available (root folder, writable, etc).

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I suggest you install the luci-app-samba package.

This adds LuCI → Services → Network Shares to the LuCI GUI, where you can just add multiple Shared Directories.


What is the UI like exactly? can you post a screenshot?

This is great. Thanks!

It looks just as if they haven’t been installed:

If you use Luci, you can install Samba4 instead. Mode secure, compatibility W10.

This has been driving me really insane especially now that I have the same problem with a new SPITZ that I got today and that I would need to use file sharing on when travelling. To make thinks worse, I cannot seem to even install Luci on the Spits due to lack of storage space. I am really frustrated after spending all this money on a product that does not seem to function as described.

Log into SSH:

cd /etc/samba

mv smb.conf.template smb.conf.template-OLD

mv smb.conf.template-opkg smb.conf.template

This basically replaces the old conffile with the new conffile.


Yes, the QCA9531 routers only have 16MB of space. But you can insert an old USB stick and increase the space with Luci> MountPoints and make / overlay. I have 2 AR750s with old 256MB USB sticks and I can install all the plugins I want with no problem.

EDIT: You can only install Luci when you update the firmware without saving anything or resetting to factory default because only 2mb free left and after Luci installed do / overlay in Luci> Mount Points and after reboot you will see that it works because it appears the password page asking you to set the router password as for the first time and then all plugins will be installed in the USB stick space.