Fan nor running GL-AXT1800

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Today I have got a brand new GL-AXT1800 wi-fi 6 portable router. Everything is working fine until I noticed that the device began to heat. It is usual situation (however, I didn’t run anything CPU-intensive there just plugged in and playing with built-in settings), but I looked beneath the device and find out that fan is not running at all, it is just static. So I am guessing is it a bug or it should run after temperature will rise even more? The top surface of my device is too hot at my opinion and T in the room is about 24-25 Celsius.

I find out at neighbor topic that

The recent firmware of AXT1800 Fan turned on temperature threshold is 85 degree. :slight_smile:

So the questions are:

  1. What is a T range for router to operate?
  2. How to setup a threshold to a lower value?

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having the same issue and concerns
did you see the topic just above your topic, with a similar title.
Axt1800 running hot, 75C

perhaps post there

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Also check the following thread for even more info and how to control the fan: