Feature Request Thread For Firmware v3

Implement the function “L2TP over IPsec Pre Shared Key” for Softether Client”.
I think there are lot of people there are waiting for this function.

Windows PC <----- L2tp/ipsec/Pre Shared Key -----> GL-AR300M <-----------> client “n”

@fritz Added to the list :smiley:

The GL-inet firmware uses many of OpenWRT’s packages in a smart way. Therefore let me shoot the in my eyes shitty feature requests.

3 . Disable MWan3

MWan3 is used to switch between the multiple wan interfaces. Yes, it pings google. If you want that disabled → Disable MWan3Track within Luci.

  1. Disable IPv6

IPv6 is the future! Some people actually have IPv6 from their providers. Why would you want to disable that? Cause some do not have it?!

  1. VPN Ping And Reconnect

Why are you using some shitty bash script to do something MWan3 is actually able to do for you!? Oh and you’re pinging to google, which cannot be trusted?!

(But maybe I’m just using my router wrong. Mine has 4 SSIDs, connecting to different network using 3 VPN connections; Last SSID connects straight to whatever is WAN.)

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@groentjuh One question, how do you deal with data leak if add vpn interface to mwan3?

Certainly sounds like the community could benefit greatly from your knowledge, if you care to share more about your set up and fixes I (and probably many others) would like to read about it. @groentjuh,

The ability to select one or many ovpn configuration files and purge them (at the moment you can only purge all).



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@glitch It has supported for v3 firmware.


  • Wired client isolation toggle

  • Wireless client isolation toggle

    (when router is used as extension access point with untrusted IoT devices)

  • Support DNScrypt / DNSSEC



  • How:


  • Display current change log in update panel of GUI

  • Support Wireguard VPN service auto-configuration API


What does it means that wireguard service auto-configuration api? Is there any detailed description?

It has supported.

We have integrated with cloudflare’s dns.

Do you mean vlan?

802.11r roaming with 802.11k/v assistant

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Same ssid for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz channel.
Clients can connect to the AP in different channel automatically according to the rssi and distance.
This function is called as ‘‘smart connect’’ in some asus routers.

Thanks for your input.

MWan3 - causes some people problems, so a simple on/off button is more desirable than having to go into the guts of Luci.

IPV6 - yes, might be the future but is still very prone to leaking DNS (especially under Windows). So again, a simple on/off button (script) saves making a lot of editing when you upgrade firmware etc.

VPN Ping And Reconnect - many have reported that the VPN “hangs” even though saying “connected”. My bash script may be shitty but I am not a programmer and that was the best I could do.
No, I do not trust Google for DNS / anything important but I don’t mind pinging them (note: through the VPN, not using my ISP). If that is a bother then you can change to something else!).

I hope this clarifies.

Added to the list @carrionlee

It is currently possible to do this already using Luci, but it would be really good if GL-iNet added it to the main interface so that basic users can use it too.

How to do this in luci? Just set the same ssid or any other options?
The design-as-I-say-it is like this: my mobile clients can connect to the 5ghz channel when I’m in the same room with the AP, and connect to the 2.4ghz channel when I’m in the other room. Once I come back to the AP’s room, the clients can also connect back to the 5ghz automatically.

Yup just set the same SSID and password for both. From a router perspective there is no difference than having them separated, all the magic happens at the clients. It’s up to their software to be smart and choose the right one. Older clients might just pick 2.4ghz each time even if 5ghz is stronger.

Thank you for your reply. I just test it with your advise. However, both my android phone (oneplus 5) and iphone 6s sticked to one channel and didn’t change to the other.
When I walked away from the AP, my phones sticked to the 5ghz. Only when the signal was almost disapear, then they changed to 2.4ghz. And when I walked back to the AP, my phones stick to the 2.4ghz and didn’t change to 5ghz channel.
By the way, I’m using the openwrt snapshot firmware

Yup that is how it will work. It’s up to the client to choose the right one. Check the performance using speetest.net for example too :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll try gl-inet official firmware later.