Feature Request Thread For Firmware v3


An Internet Kill Switch please!

I use my GL router(s) for one purpose - to mask my real IP address permanently,
Thus, I propose an option (similar to the old Force VPN in the old firmware) where there is no internet until an active VPN is detected or until the kill switch is disabled.
This way it is water-tight that my real IP can never leak.



Follow public table will be greate:

  • open bugs
  • fixed bugs
  • open feature requests
  • new features


More client info shown on phone browser display

It would be useful if the Clients screen on a phone/tablet browser could display the same information shown on a full-sized browser.


Build MT76 kmod packages for usb wifi dongles as they are now supported




AR750 (white), gl-ar750-3.009-1129.bin
Missing https support of webinterface

Webinterface working fine:

Webinterface dont support https and dont redirect to supported http:

Checked by one Win and one Linux PC.


Not support https yet.


V3 feature request:


Excuse my ignorance but what’s “p.e.”?

[GL.iNet] GoodCloud IoT Platform Beta Testing

Could we get QoS speed limited on the interface as well as by IP?


Thanks for your feedback.

However, it seems this feature is nothing with the router. If someone wants to use a strong password, he can use chrome extensions to accomplish.

It is a good idea. If we have app, it will be a great feature, but it is useless to show a QR code on WebUI.


This should be easy, as in luci you already have this. We will put this feature in the list.


Is there anyway I Can make make slate AR750s change its mac address to a random one on a set timer 30 min or 1 hour… this would be great at some airports. Can this be done??


Any plans to add in an option on WiFi to activate krack protection? I notice it is off by default and can only be changed in Luci.


It doesn’t support at present, it only support set to random mac manually. Why it is great at some airports? Could you explain more?


Yes, it should be enable by default.


because some have a time limit of two hours or even 30 min if i can set it for a timer that is just one less step i must do to get a new mac address.


Isn’t it need authenticate?


most of them just do mac address here in the states and Philippines they will block your mac after about 1 hour.


Is often used on follow way:
p.e. = par exemple


Like this are used on firmware of some million AVM router including a print function. That give the possibility easy to use strong passwords too.WLAN QR codes are often used on cafees, hotels and so on.