Fiber on AX1800

Continuation of this thread - Issues with recognizing fiber optic signal - #12 by Johnr2411

So maybe this is a new update to LUCI but I cannot see or find the physical settings button within the GUI/Network/Interfaces/LAN/Physical Settings. Right now I got CenturyLink fiber installed, I have the OTA plugged directly into the WAN port on my AX1800.

My WAN protocol is PPPoE.
The device is set to eth0.201.
Bringing on boot is on.
My PAP/CHAP password and username is entered.
Everything else is left on auto and default.

But I still have no internet. Well, I do sometimes. 99% of the time my devices will connect to my WIFI network but say connected without Internet. Probably every 1/20 speed tests that I do work and gives me my gigabit speed. All other Ethernet fail or never even load the page. Any suggestions would be super helpful since at the moment, my house has no internet at all.

Could you please kindly check with your ISP what is the VLAN ID you need to set up to get the Internet connection? Or maybe you just don’t need to set it.

Besides, now you don’t need to set the VLAN ID in the luci, you can just set it in the gilnet admin panel, as per this: