Firmware 3.105

I see that test firmware 3.105 has surfaced again - before I waste some hours trying it, can a GL rep. please tell me if this is really new (surely should be 3.106?) or the old, buggy 3.105 that was removed due to numerous bugs?


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Answering my own question, I see from Alzhao’s response here that it is redone (should have been called 3.106 to avoid confusion).


I’m testing it now on AR750S and not S and so far so good … only Symantec Network Protection tells me when I open VPN page in UI that there is an HTTP Tor attack, but that’s not very worrying or anything.

I haven’t done an exhaustive test on it either but normal use with VPN or Wireguard and the common things seem to work fine.


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AR300M here - only small problem I found was that dot next to Wireguard Client only ever goes orange and not green like the OpenVPN dot.

Yes, yellow dot in Wireguard connection established in openwrt-ar750s-3.105-1010. Not tryed new openwrt-ar750s-3.105-1014.