Firmware 3.201, 3.203 Release Notes and Upgrade Q&A

Hi stedile-jefferson,
I have checked 3.203.The pppoe module is ok. Do you have any other Settings? Such as ipv6,
routing policy?

I just updated B1300 using latest official update 3.203 but now the wifi is very strange. My laptop and smart bulb could not connect, in laptop (win10) result in “Can’t connect to this network”.
I have tried to open Wireless settings in Luci but found the wifi signal is blank (0%) and the advanced settings are not available (to change country, etc).
Please help

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Did you try connect to the router via ethernet?

I didn’t keep settings when upgrading firmware, so it is totally new setup

Connect to ethernet “lan”, reset to defaults settings or download last firmware link and install from U-boot link

I just have tried to install from U-boot, even twice, but still have same issue with the wifi.

Try to flash 3.105, and write here your result

Yes, I just reverted back to 3.105 and wifi is working normally again

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you probably should stick to WPA2 for the wifi, I had similar problem with ap1300, but resolved once i switch to WPA2 instead of WPA3

To get WPA3 to work, you need to “forget” the network on devices, or give the WiFi a new SSID.

Not all devices can support connecting to WPA3, which poses an additional issue. But provided they do, many implementations of WiFi require reconfiguration to negotiate a WPA3 connection.



感谢楼主。重新设置exroot有点费劲,而且tf卡里还存着资料。暂时不升级了 :slightly_smiling_face:

Just upgraded my GL-AP1300. Disappointed to see the old 15.05 release. Are you still on target to bring the October release to the AP1300? Will this include OpenWrt 21 or am I stuck on 15.05 for ever?

I need some features from newer versions of OpenWrt including the time based rules as mentioned above. :frowning:

Why you need OpenWrt v. 21? In the OpenWrt v. 15 you have some problems? Gl-Inet is have good web UI and web UI OpenWrt not needed) Old kernels? Yes, but many router use old kernels (but v. 4 not so old) and work very good. If you need fresh OpenWrt and fresh kernel flash last OpenWrt (link to last snapshot OpenWrt firmware) and that’s it)))


As I mentioned I need some features from newer releases of OpenWRT (WPA3 would be nice, time based firewall rules, auto rollback for config changes, client side rendering for Luci, etc, etc) , also I regardless of the patches I am not keen on running very old software, especially as important as a non-supported kernel.

Also I bought the AP1300 as a end user device, yes I am a techy by trade, but if I wanted to have to build custom builds I would have bought something else. I really like the GL “skin” over the top of OpenWRT. For sites where I want to tinker I would have bought a device suitable for OPNSense or mikrotik :slight_smile: Additionally I don’t think it’s that easy to build for the AP1300?

For some devices, there was firmware 3.201 and then 3.203. Are there differences? The release notes I think are similar and 3.201 cannot be found now.

Yes, 3.201 still had a DNS leak issue that was fixed and re-issued as 3.203. 3.201 was withdrawn.

I have the same issue, my Sonoff L1 Lite and Xiaomi Mijia E14 Frosted light bulb can’t connect to wifi after update. I have GL-B1300.

Can you check you are not using WPA3 etc.