Firmware 3.212 on AR300M - No LUCI

As per the subject, 3.212 (and the Beta versions), do not allow installation of LUCI (AR300M Shadow).

I just tried and it works OK.

By chance did you have your VPN client turned on? I found in my testing if the package update download fails, the GL iNet GUI does not display an error message, and you cannot load any additional packages. GL iNet really need to let us know when the package update download fails, as it can lead to all sorts of confusion. Not reporting underlying errors to the user is just poor programming. See:

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You are right. The use experience of the plugin page is not good. As we are phasing out firmware 3.x, further improvement will only be done in 4.x

@alzhoa, I’m looking forward to the 4.x release, but as per your reports, it seems to be a major code base change, and 4.x seems to be very late in coming out, as you once posted it would be available mid 2021. I am very concerned that the 4.x firmware will be buggy for a while, and many of us will be running 3.x code, with all its limitations, for a long time to come, as we just need our routers to work.

I hope I’m wrong, and 4.x will come out soon and be your most stable firmware release, but time will tell.

Yes, of course! And that was the problem.
This should be filed as a bug.