Firmware 4.2.x is out as snapshot firmware

Sorry if it’s off topic, but noticed that on Brume2 (firmware v4.2.0 beta) the number of Clients connected to the WireGuard Server is always zero (0), regardless of how many is actually connected.

At least in nightlies for ax1800 flint has be resolved two nightlies ago.

I was able to get a UBoot firmware to flash over the version 4 snapshot version on my 750 Slate. Instead of trying to use the latest version 3 UBoot image, I had to use an older version 3 UBoot image. Then I had to update a few times to various version 3 versions to get to the latest stable version 3 firmware.

Latest firmware 4.2.0 , what appears to be from Germany as set in Wireless regulatory (DE)
Channel 161 is visible which shouldn’t be, it’s not functional and halts the entire wireless function.
Tailscale subnet does not advertise to Tailscale.
Samba File sharing is not working with v2/v3 options.
DLNA works fine.

Edit: Just tested out WebDAV with external HDD, managed to do 800Mbit with EXT4 over Wi-Fi, very impressive.

I see that 4.2.3 is now in stable softwares for Flint. However, I see a lot of bugs, even in GUI, especially in Tailscale section where the options change the names to some variables, so i.e. instead of Allow access Wan, there is some variable name, when you refresh the browser, it is back to “allow access wan”.
Also, DNS leaks on Wireguard still happen from time to time, i.e. when you reboot the router which is acting as a WG client.

On the other subject, will software 4.3 have the option to choose your own headscale server, instead of hard coded ?
Hope we will be able to change this from GUI?
Also, you mentioned advertise as exit node option will be available in 4.3, right?

You are right. That is a bug.

Have you enabled the “Block Non-VPN Traffic” option? How do you confirm DNS leaks happen?

Tailscale advertise subnet finally works after a reboot, is there an exit node option?

Consider replacing the httpd with dufs , it offers a nice WebUI file manager with authentication, and complete WebDAV support. I was able to pull gigabit on both httpd and dufs, 300Mbit with Samba3. ksmbd for SMBv3 may perform better in kernel.
Around the same in memory usage.

Prebuilt executable work as is (armhf-static): GitHub - sigoden/dufs: A file server that supports static serving, uploading, searching, accessing control, webdav...

Latest version Tailscale is breaking DNS connectivity on the router itself by overwriting resolv.conf:

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Are you using snapshot firmware?
Can you tell me what impact this will have?

Stable 4.2.0.
Can’t connect and install packages, VPNs wont work on reconnect, time sync, basically any internet connectivity within the router that use DNS.


Killswitch is enabled. Tested on well known dns leaktest websites and rebooting the router during the test. Can’t seem to replicate it now, will confirm with wireshark monitoring the uplink connection once again, when i have time. thanks.

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in Firmware 4.2.1, country code setting option was appered in Luci.
nice work devs!

How about new snapshot firmwares?. There are not logs or revision history about its.

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