Firmware 4.4.6 beta 1 is out

The 4.4.6 beta firmware is out for GL-A1300 Slate Plus, GL-AX1800 Flint, GL-AXT1800 Slate AX, GL-MT2500/GL-MT2500A Brume 2 and GL-MT3000 Beryl AX.

Release note:


i cant see the beta 4.4.6 , it say there is no new beta?!

Is working normally now ? Stuck in the device select page first then now no any firmware found on any selected model/channels.

Hi, all
I am sorry for that.Our server is being upgraded now, please wait about an hour to download.Thanks!

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It seems the FW 4.4.6 beta 1 can’t be found except for MT2500 model after server is back to be working?

now I see it, thanks !

The flashbacks of when 4.4.5 came out and broke absolutely everything! Oh God!!

Which model? Why do you roll back?

I use 4.2.3 on Flint as its the latest stable

I was really hopeful that one of the most enduring problems might have been resolved with this release as my Beryl AX felt pretty stable connected directly to my ISP router via ethernet but then…Nah. Nothing much has changed when to comes to using it in wireless repeater mode:

This is with a fresh install of this beta firmware followed by factory reset and keeping all default settings as they are with router scanning working with no issues and picking up my main 5GHz SSID but unable to connect properly to it to repeat!

So for some reason, another fresh install followed by a factory reset and then a reboot and the 5GHz repeater seems to now be working. Unsure as to why it took a couple of installs and resets as well as a reboot for the repeater to finally connect. Also repeating 2.4Ghz appeared to work immediately with no issues. Will keep on testing and see.

I found that repeater connection is slow when you reboot the device. If this happens, just “Abort” and connect repeater again.