Firmware is very buggy

Please check the firmware of the routers mentioned below, their firmware are disorganizing openvpn files loaded onto them. They are mixing individual openvpn servers in different zips with others.

Example if you load Expressvpn and Protonvpn and Unlimited vpn, when you wanna change a server in expressvpn, the firmware brings Proton or unlimited vpn servers whose zip you haven’t selected. There is a leakage in zip folders. Zip folders are getting lost when loaded so vpn servers are messing up

GL-MT300A-Ext , GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate), GL-USB150 (Microuter)

Duplicated of Firmware has openvpn problem

You can try the latest testing firmware.

sir please I don’t understand duplication of firmware. Could you please explain to me.?

He means the problem is already reported - don’t bother with the snapshot as for me that introduced the problem which is not present in the latest release version (AR750S).