Flint 2 - Beta 4.5.7 Wi-Fi power?

Your argument doesn’t makes any sense.

First you said these equipments from China doesn’t follow any rules. Then I shared the certificates, but now you are saying it’s a BETA firmware.

If the power settings will ne changed on the final firmware, the speed result will be different from now.

So, let me repeat once again:

To compare something, it must have the same settings.

Doesn’t make any sense to compare the speed with an antenna at 100mW against 1W.
This is not a bug fix.

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Could we please stop the discussion about it?

@alzhao Do you know if the 4.5.7 introduces different power levels (higher than allowed) to the Wi-Fi?

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Do you at least have any proof or indication that the power went to 1w? Or is it just guesswork and deduction compared to your ISP?

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Let’s go…

China, In China, within China, in the country called China, the regulations are very different in relation to power when compared to the rest of the world.

Each location has its specifications and Europe should not be used as a “parameter”

The software is currently in beta status and problems must be reported here and no specifications or technical regulations for each location must be cited.

The final version will undoubtedly be the basis. If you are worried, I recommend that you use version 4.5.6, which is stable.

As you may have noticed, if you have noticed, many changes are being made by the support team!

No further…

Basic math…

I’m finding a change of 12dBm (aprox) on the signal level compared to the previous firmwares.

A change of 10dbm means the power has been increases by a factor of 10X (log math)

Please, if you don’t know basic things about the signal levels, don’t try to keep discussing.

What I’m just saying is:
To compare something, the settings must be the same.

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The wifi driver of MTK use a different value. 100 = 100%, not dbm
While in the old wifi driver it is dbm

Pls note, max tx power is limited by hardware. Whatever you set in software will not work outside the limit.

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What’s the max tx power for this hardware?

Hardware should be 30dbm max.

The beta seems not setting correctly though.

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Exactly what I noticed and I’m saying since the beginning.

30dBm is 1W
In Europe, it should be 20dBm

For people testing it in Europe, we are testing it with 10X gain, so obviously the link speed will be much higher.

So can one increase TX Power to the 30dBM on the stable v4.5.6 firmware version to equate with this latest beta? That would be a significant improvement in WiFi whilst using the newer kernel as well, wouldn’t it?

No, the problems in the open driver are different from power. in 4.5.6 it is already 30dBm, the problem is related to the open source mt76 driver from mediatek


Not really.

For those people in Europe, 4.5.6 firmware is correctly set to 20dBm (100mW), while on 4.5.7 it’s incorrectly set to 30dBm (1W)

As I’m saying since the beginning, to compare something, the settings MUST BE the same, so for people in Europe it must be 20dBm

If you change the wifi region to Europe, yes, it limits it to 20, but the standard that comes from the US, at least on mine, is 30

Have you tried changing the radio region to a European country?

Do you have equipment to measure the signal power and confirm that it is 1w?

  1. I’m in Europe, so of course I set country code for where I live;

  2. Basic math can prove the 4.5.7 is at 1W (30dBm) while it should be 100mW (20dBm). I already explained this for you.

  3. GL-inet staff already answered the beta firmware is not setting the power correctly (for Europe).

Just stop insisting on this, please.

why is wan/lan1 not 2.5gbe ??

Yep. Im also eu based and flint deliver 30db. So at the moment setting high instead of max power does the trick

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“GL-inet staff already answered the beta firmware is not setting the power correctly (for Europe).”

If the team has already answered this and you understand, or don’t want to understand, stop insisting on it and being an extremely arrogant, arrogant and annoying person. It has been explained several times and yet you still want to understand it!

You must be an expert in power measurement, in fact the equipment should go through you to obtain the necessary certifications in Europe.

So please, stop wanting to be a star and repeating the same thing for hours and hours and enjoy your life this Sunday!

The extra power you are claiming to have will not give you cancer!


Guys. How annoying you are! If you’re so worried about the WiFi power, just reduce it (especially if you’re an expert in logarithmic calculations, congratulations. Know that we’re all adults here and we did this calculation at school, it’s no big deal).
Besides, I give a shit about this power, you know why?

  • I live in the middle of nowhere in a rural area.
  • I have no close neighbors
  • There is no air traffic here
    In other words, for me, the higher the power, the better, and I don’t give a damn shit about regulation, because I don’t bother anyone!
    Then, think about it before you get so annoying trying to be so fussy about wifi power! Holy shit!

Can someone please just provide us with a straightforward answer as to how to set the FLINT2 on the maximum TX power possible (whether that would involve changing the region or not)? The whole thing is very confusing and I would just like the blooming thing to be able to fry everything that is anywhere in its vicinity.