Flint 2 - Beta 4.5.7 Wi-Fi power?

Are we sure we are comparing apples against apples? Looks like this version have a higher power settings for the antenna, so of course the speed will be higher. Just due to the power settings and not due to any bug fixes

increased where? I checked in some programs and the wifi still transmitted 17 and 19db 5ghz and 2.4ghz. I don’t think that’s it.

Note that the dbm either is wrong reported in mediatek sdk, either hardcoded country or this has been changed recently.

But generally between the 23.05 and 4.5.7+ for 23.05 this comparison was not the affecting issue afaik, but the stability was + range.

i noticed on the 23.05 greater dbm or similar dbm, but that will trick you because the instability dramaticly increase around 8 meters and 15 meter authentication issues appear.

With 4.5.7+ i have proper reach, even 5-6 levels down of my appartment outsideđź‘Ť

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That’s exactly what I’m noticing in these 4.5.7 betas, it’s a shame I can’t test the snapshots… I thought they were better than the betas.

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My Flint2 was always 6dB LOWER than my ISP Router when using the previous driver.

On the new firmware (with Mediatek driver) it’s 6dB HIGHER than my ISP router.

The difference is 12dB, roughly.

Looks like the previous driver was transmitting at 100mW and now it’s at 1W

In Europe the limit is 100mW

It is? Is Swat going to knock on your door now for this?

  1. Rules exist for some reason;

  2. To compare something you need to have the same settings. Doesn’t make any sense compare the link speed with 100mW power against 1W of power. This is not a big fix, but a trick.

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OK, do you prefer a router that works or doesn’t work?

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My ISP router works and follow the rules.
Other brands works and follow the rules.

GL-inet should also follow the rules.

Increasing the power above the threshold is not a bug fix.

Dude, honestly? go back to your router from your operator and others that are not, xiaomi, redmi, huawei and others, because these are also sure that they distribute MUCH more power than that. Return the mt6000 because you’re the only one I see here complaining so much about power… it even looks like you’re a signal monitor…


I hope they don’t limit this power. After all, Europe is not a standard for power definitions in wifi signal amplification


If you are looking for rules, then buy equipment that has been certified in your country by the responsible body and do not import equipment that is aimed at enthusiasts directly from China.

At least I try to help, report bugs and criticize when necessary and I don’t always complain about the same thing without helping at all.

I know there is a setting inside the config:

from uci show wireless:


but im not sure if this applies, some confirmination would be nice :grinning:

because iw command doesn’t work for me, so I cannot check it.

I understand your point of view, but equipment from China does not have this type of regulation. They normally implement this type of limitation in global versions.

Have you tried reducing the power with Luci? You have this possibility and it is at your discretion!

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You are wrong.
Or are these certificates fake? :thinking:

They have limits as well. If I trust the internet, then the limit seems to be the same as within Europe.

Anyway. My router shows 20dbm inside luci. If I change it, it will change as well.
Not sure about the real dbm tho.


They are certified…

Do you really want to justify a certification based on a beta firmware that is constantly being adjusted? You really need to review your concepts about BETA!