Flint 2 FW 4.5.8 release 4

4.5.x branch is sure on OpenWRT 21 branch according to their previous announcement post.

Everything at default. Power was showing as 20 dbm on 5ghz. I changed the region to UK, saved, then attempted to set power to 23 but the drop down list of available power modes tops out at 20.

2.4ghz I had previously changed to UK and saved as above. I repeated this twice.

By the way, is WED enabled in these versions with MTK’s proprietary drivers?

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Just upgraded to 4.5.8 and the GliNet UI just disappeared, only Luci available now. Any solution to bring it back ? Thank you in advance.

I’ve been getting ‘Invalid Date’ on the last few updates.

From which version did you upgrade?
How did you upgrade?

From 4.5.6. By internal tool of the Glinet UI.

After updating from 4.5.6 to 4.5.8 there is a significant delay in loading every web page, on any device I use. Any idea why or how to solve that? Thanks.

Check your DNS settings.

No DNS changes between 4.5.6. and 4.5.8. I use AdGuardHome as DNS.

Please check if your DNS is working properly. Disable AGH for testing.

the load balance on wan 2 doesn’t work

This appeared after I entered the router with WinSCP to check if I can upgrade AdGuard and exited without changing anything. Regardless of whether I change the DNS in AdGuard, the access delay remains the same. AdGuard disabled/enabled, makes no difference.

So you broke something, I guess?

I don not know if I broke something or not. How can I find out this? And, most importantly, how can I repair? Thanks.

Depends on what you did? :sweat_smile:
Reset might be the best method.

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from LUCI interface or hardware from the button? :slight_smile: Is it possible from GLINET interface? Thanks.

From GL GUI is fine, there is a reset option. (Guess it is in the „Advanced“) section.

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If the GUI does not work, Connect via SSH and run
firstboot -y && reboot

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Hello tech support. Just upgraded and now have the GUI problem. This is a rather poor software effort and unexpected for GL-inet. Don't really want to wipe the router unnecessarily. Please confirm that the only way is to wipe all the settings with "fastboot y".

If defaulting is necessary, then can I backup settings from Luci before and restore through Luci after defaulting the router?

Would it be possible and easier to downgrade to an earlier version say 4.5.6 for things to be sorted by the next update?