Updates on Flint 2's recent firmware version: pulling back v4.5.7 and releasing v4.5.8 soon

To our GL.iNet community members,

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by our recent firmware release v4.5.7 for Flint 2 (GL-MT6000). We have received some feedback over the past few days and have taken swift action in response.

Regarding its OpenWrt version and Wi-Fi drivers, we regret that we made a mistaken decision to use the latest OpenWrt for the stable firmware. Some stability issues cannot be resolved for now so we have to use the older OpenWrt version and MTK proprietary Wi-Fi driver. We promise that we will continuously resolve the issues based on the latest OpenWrt and open-source Wi-Fi driver.

There will be two streams of firmware versions

  • Firmware v4.5.x will migrate to OpenWrt v21.02 (Kernel v5.4) and MTK Wi-Fi driver. This adjustment is designed to provide a reliable network experience for general users.
  • Firmware v4.23.x will continue to use OpenWrt v23.05 (Kernel v5.15).

Pulling back v4.5.7
Upon careful consideration of our community’s feedback, we have decided to pull back firmware version 4.5.7. Our team is fully dedicated to ensuring the seamless operation of our devices and providing you with the best user experience possible.

Incoming update: version 4.5.8
A new firmware version, which addresses the issues with v4.5.7, will be released later this week. It aims to resolve the reported issues and provide enhancements to the user experience.

Improvements & bug fixes

  • Optimizes Wi-Fi speed and stability.
  • Upgrades Tailscale to version 1.58.2.
  • Fixes slow download speeds with the 2.5Gbps ethernet port.
  • Fixes an issue where Wi-Fi country code and power are shown inaccurately on the LuCI page.
  • Addresses several known vulnerabilities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Your support is greatly appreciated as we work diligently to address your concerns.

Warm regards,
The GL.iNet Team


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