Flint 2 (GL-MT6000 ) - bug reports - collective thread


I hope this 4.5.5 can be officially released as a beta and packaged fully so no additional commands are need once installed. I realise there may be some other additional changes that you need to make to 4.5.5 before it’s released. Thanks for being so active to resolve bugs. Many Flint2 users are counting on a stable build.

Yes,We will release the state firmware within this week.Thanks.


I had no more problem since I installed 4.5.5. :+1:

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I wonder how is the 2.4ghz range now with 4.5.5 any improvement? :slight_smile:

also does it make sense to post iw list or not usefull?

At least for me, SOMETIMES I got a much better latency than 4.5.2/4.5.3

Nothing changed compared to 2.4ghz, they focused on disconnection due to inactivity and no longer being able to connect, which was a serious error, but 2.4ghz remains limited, with high latency and ping.


ah that post is usefull thanks :slight_smile: that gives me atleast some idea its not a hardware issue to worry about :smiley:

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Is there a small chance that the wifi problems are actually hardware based and needs a hardware revision other than just software tweaks?


There’s a chance it’s a hardware issue, but it could easily be a driver issue too. It requires more investigation.

I’ve suggested this before, but someone could ask owners of the Redmi AX6000 what their range and speed is like when using 2.4GHz, since that router uses the same SoC as the GL-MT6000. It’s just got less RAM, less flash storage and no 2.5G ethernet ports.

If an OpenWrt snapshot was compiled with the proprietary MTK drivers and this was still an issue then I guess that’d also prove that it’s likely a hardware design issue.

I don’t believe it’s only hardware issue, since a similar thing happens to GL-MT3000, but not in the same proportion on firmware update (wifi speed is much lower in openwrt 23.05)

I noticed that some devices (laptops mostly) stay connected to Wifi but lose Internet access after a while (a few hours).
I need to disable/enable wifi on each one so that they are properly connected again.

good morning

Will a beta, rc or stable version of tmp 4.5.5 be released today? As you advised, a version would come out this week, correct?

in version 4.5.5?
This happened in 4.5.4 and 4.5.3, notebooks, cell phones, old devices, everything that was connected to WiFi.

I had some acquaintances here and it seems that the same problem doesn’t happen to them, I asked them to test it on 2.4 at 40hz and they get the maximum download and upload at 40hz.

but I only checked with 2 people, I can’t guarantee that there really isn’t a bug.

Hi Japa182,Yes,Will release a beta firmware in next two days.

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in fact the beta version for the mt6000 you launched today.



I saw that this version is “release 3” in relation to “release 1” which was released as a temporary version, which had more corrections?

because the changelog is the same as the previous one.

Today there are a new beta firmware published. It’s you talking about?

It is the same as temporary Ver1,mainly to solve the issue of wifi crash.

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Thank you for your effort in solving the problems with this incredible router,

any update on the 2.4ghz issue?

We still need time to investigate the issue of low 2.4G wifi speed. If we have any progress, I will provide the temporary firmware for your verification asap.