Flint 2 (GL-MT6000): How to install Firmware the latest firmware stream with OpenWRT 23.05? (v4.23.x)

I read following announcement:

i was happy that gl.inet pulled back the horrible 4.5.7. firmware. when i saw that 4.5.8. was released i updated, but then noticed that i was (yet again) downgraded to OpenWRT 21.02 base which is over 3 years old.

But i couldnt find the announced OpenWRT 23.05 Firmware ( * Firmware v4.23.x will continue to use OpenWrt v23.05 (Kernel v5.15).)

How do i upgrade to the newest version now from 4.5.8? How will the router decide which stream it should get?

It’s not yet available.

As soon as it’s ready you will find it here: GL.iNet download center

thanks. will i need to manually upgrade later on?
and do you by any chance now if i can run docker images with the old openWRT 21.02 firmware, or is that an exclusive OpenWRT 23.05 feature?

Its described here and i think this might be a gamechanger to run in on a performant router:
OpenWRT and Docker Images

Given the generous 8GB eMMC and 1GB RAM, and with hardware offloading the 4 CPU cores are mostly unloaded, this becomes a good device for Docker. Is adblock-simple missing a feature? Try the Pi-hole container. Samba not powerful enough? Host a NAS container. Have several WAPs plugged in a larger location? Consider Unifi-controller. Or perhaps a Nethack server you can login and play.

The update will then almost certainly have to be carried out manually, without copying existing settings.

I can’t say anything about Docker, sorry. Docker on a router doesn’t fit into my world view :wink: