Flint AX V4.1.0

A new beta has been released for the Flint: V4.1.0


This is a developer beta version only. So it may be quite a few bugs, missing language packs, and some features may be fine-tuned.
Please use with caution. When a version for external testing is available, it will be updated to GL.iNet Download Center.


Firmware downloadable from



Pls note firmware 4.1 has many changes, including the left menu changes. So pls explore and feedback.


Nothing but love so far.

• Love the new icons. They look very polished.
• Great to see TOR added back
• Drop-in gateway is extremely useful
• The redesigned Clients section is perfect. Can name devices & change their icons now
• VPN Proxy mode is much easier to navigate now
• Adding custom sources right from the panel is perfect!
• Extremely happy with the new Scheduled Tasks section

The only thing I haven’t tried out yet is Multi Wan, but good to see that got added :smile: :clap:

Great job on this firmware. Feels like a whole new device!


The gl.inet app is not supported the latest version 4 1.0

It should be supported. V1.3.1.

Currently tge version is 1.3.0

Apple App Store upgraded to 1.3.1

Google play the version still 1.3.0

Maybe just wait several days. Google play is more troublesome.

Alright​:+1: Noted with thanks :blush:

Wow, after installing the 4.1.0 beta 1 firmware, my Flint is like a new router. :heart_eyes::grin:
Well done and thanks you !


this version support gl-qos and sqm-qos in luci? thanks

I like this firmware alot, I noticed alot of new things :stuck_out_tongue:

  • multi wan
  • tor
  • also I see a nice cool status graph

awesome :smiley:, thank you gl-inet I gonna test this firmware. :+1:


i love the new overview mode that let the users monitor things such as the temperature and the memory usage, great work keep pushing!!


1 WOW!! My PING Times over my Wireguard VPN connection have gone down signicantly lower (Tested into various sites and all significantly lower than on 4.01Beta2 For whatever reason that may be?)…
2. Nice job on the scheduled tasks selection.
3.I tried that Drop in Gateway mode and it killed my internet connection. Turned if off and still could not get reconnected (Tried turning Wireguard VPN OFF/ON several times and could not connnect)…Had to reboot router to get connection back.
4.Feaure Request: Would it be possible without too much trouble to add a OOKLA Speedtest interface into the UI? Maybe using the Open-WRT CLI Plugin that already exists and integrate it into the UI. Testing from the router is always best for speed testing and this feature could be applied to the UI across the GL.iNet product range. Would be a welcome UI addition IMHO.


I’ve found the drop-in gateway feature to work much better with openvpn with much less disconnections than when using wireguard. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence but it is definitely my observation. This is on the AX Slate and using Torguard if anyone else can try and see.

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Is there anyway to keep the CPU temp in System/Overview displaying FARENHEIT. I know you can toggle it to Farenheit but it goes back to Celcius after rebooting the router (Maybe there’s a file I can edit?)