Flint firmware 4.1.0 release 2 is out

Here comes the 4.1.0 release 2:

Download here: https://github.com/gl-inet/gl-infra-builder/releases/download/v4.1.0_ax1800_release2/ax1800.tar.gz


How to update this firmware from release 1?

Download, unzip, untar, choose the .tar file to upgrade from web interface.

It seems the release wording is still “Release 1” after upgrading the “Release 2” firmware ?


Yeah, Shows “Release 1”

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Nope. Shows release 2:
Now, it’s also linked on the firmware page.

Oops, what happened to mine…
OK, the original download link is gone, so the developer pulled the files.

Github shows. “Not found”.

It’s in the download area now: GL.iNet download center

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The github files were pulled, so check the official firmware download site LATER will be fine.

Nope, your link is for Slate AX, we are talking about here is for Flint.

I d/l’ed the file right before it got pulled…But it would not pass sysupgrade…I’m on 4.10 Release 1.

Your uploaded filename is not quite right, you seem not fully extract to deeper level.

Oh well…I’ll have to wait now…I’ve already deleted it…

I also already upgraded when R2 released, hopefully it’s not a problem😄

Nothing wrong but the release wording confusing so far :wink:

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Ok, now the Flint 4.1.0 release 2 is available on official download site:


Yep…This time upgrade went without problems…

I got the version that was compiled on 10-15-22. Is it just a naming change or are other changes made?

There is a major bug fixed.