Flint GL-AX1800 Mesh Setup

Can someone explain how to get a mesh network setup on the new Flint AX1800? I have two of them, and I was able to get the main router to be a master node. But when I try pressing the sync button on my slave node for 5 seconds, it never ends up showing in the admin panel? I have the firmware updated and I reset the router so it’s just at factory default without an ssid.

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Mesh not supporting now, planned supporting in future firmware release

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Sorry mesh it not supported now.

Especially we are pushed to upgrade to newer version of openwrt, which mesh will not be there.

@alzhao we need mesh (

Is there an estimated time frame?

I think mesh is a very very important feature in generation of wifi 6, pls consider to prioritize it in future firmware development.

I think what Alfie is trying to say is:

  1. The units are currently based on OpenWRT 15.05 based on the Qualcomm SDK and this is what supplies the mesh functionality based on Qualcomms WiFi SON (for B/S1300, Convexa, AX1800)

  2. People are asking for upgrading to a later version of OpenWRT. If they use later versions of native OpenWRT then we’ll lose the Qualcomm WiFi SON capability and hence you’ll have to use native OpenWRT mesh mechanisms (Batman?)

Ideal situation, Qualcomm updates their SDK, anything else is a compromise between latest version, functionality and SOC support.

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Just got the info from the support that mesh will be not supported.
That‘s very sad, as else it seems the perfect router…

it wont be supported in the future even with an update?

I found FLINT working better and have stronger signal than Velica. have both of them. but I need mesh

mesh = QSDK based on OpenWrt 15.05

Mesh or OpenWrt 2102, which one do you choose?

Mesh not possible in OpenWrt 2102?!

It is possible but very different technology. So need to start from bottom.

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I want it but not without mesh… mesh is important for me

Would fast transition and roaming with these be a good alternative to using Mesh? Is that possible on these?

Yes this is an option than mesh.

any possibility in the future for flint supports mesh?

Don’t expect it. Why not just buy a $100 mesh system that just do mesh.

I need a mesh with VPN. I will stay with VELIVA

Just a hint, openwrt on the newer versions support roaming, so you configure all the routers with the same ssdid and activate roaming.
In practice the devices move from one router to another automatically. I use at home for the last one, two years and it works very well.

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