Flint IPv6 doesn't work

I just got my Flint today, and while it seems to function pretty well, turning on IPv6 on NAT6 mode slows down the internet to a standstill.
Is there any fix for this? This would be a major letdown if it is not possible to fix

Have you upgraded to firmware 3.208?

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Have you tried checking this thread? 启用ipv6后,ipv4卡顿的原因找到了

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thanks a lot! That thread lead me to another thread (教程)ipv6重启后不能保存设置的方法 that actually fixed the problem!

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You’re welcome, hopefully the devs can implement this ipv6 fix on the next firmware update.

I’m unable to read the mentioned thread. What’s the solution? Thanks for your help

I’ve only used google translate when I read that thread. Please use google chrome when checking the thread, then right click & translate) if you’re using a computer. Or if you’re using mobile, open chrome, then click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner then select translate.