Flint keeps crashing

I’m getting pretty pissed at this flint router crashing in the evening. My son will get booted out of games and Netflix goes down.

Ive downloaded the luci interface to try to get more data but it really doesn’t tell me what happened in the system log. How do you even get support with this company. No contact info on the site.

Have you upgraded to 3.207 firmware?

You can write to support at gl-inet.com

Hi bigblueape:

Is the network suddenly down? or router restart?

I was on 3.206. Everyone in the house would just loose wifi. It comes back about 3 or so minutes later. All the logs are blank like it just booted.

There are no persistent logs that I can find on this router. That seems very odd.

I tried that last night after the most recent reset.

Can you upgrade to 3.207?

I have similar problems with Flint! Overall, it is a disaster. The router crashes and bricks on random basis. Even you have to reset the device via the reset button but only pressing for less than 4 secs… This can reboot the device and you’re able to set the settings again. Hard reset with uboot (long press reset) doesn’t work at all. The router is running 3.207. I have a suspicion that AdGuard home is causing the router to brick. Currently I am not using the router, waiting for some new firmware. It is just a garbage device at the moment!

I am unable to paste the log here (character limit) nor I am able to upload it as a new user!?

a log file and crash that happened around system time 14:09h:
router log before crash.zip (12.5 KB)

HI nickyz:
I’ve been testing it for a week, But that did not happen.

  • Do you use USB?

No, the USB was not used at that moment. As well the 2.4G radio was turned off (i didn’t want to to use it), only 5G radio operating. The only difference was, the router was set up in access point mode, not router. I was testing it hopefully before swapping my current router. Actually, a random bricking occurs daily and the indictaor LED starts flashing slowly.


  • AdGuard home was setup as well with default configuration but some other additional block lists.
  • Luci was installed with plugins for Samba management, Wake on Lan. I have tested USB sharing once or twice, then after, I disconnected the drive and removed the shares.

Hmmm…, Can you log in to the router via SSH?

You can execute the following command:
/etc/init.d/gl_health stop && rm /etc/init.d/gl_health

well, I did that as suggested. The terminal doesn’t return any result. What should I do next, just wait and test the device?

It is difficult to log in via ssh in AP mode. You need to know the IP address assigned to the route.

  • You can switch to routing mode first,then log in via ssh.

you didn’t get me. I executed the command successfully. I just thought there should be some command status in the terminal after. But I realised it was stopping some kind of health service and removing a folder.
And the router was set to router mode before the SSH login, you are correct. Since yesterday it seems it works, I just left the router working, as a separate network device (as router). Turned off as well the AdGuard home. It seems it still works so far. I don’t know how to stress test the router to see how it should behave.

Conveniently, you can test network throughput continuously with speedtest.

When turn on the adguardhome,The network is likely to deteriorate and you may need to modify the AdGuardHome configuration and AdGuardHome DNS according to your actual situation.

Gl_health is a RELAY or AP monitoring program, but it does not seem to be used well and affect the stability.

I was testing it hopefully before swapping my current router. Actually, a random bricking occurs daily and the indictaor LED starts flashing slowly.

—> Does that still happen?

Hi lizh,

I am having the same issue when using vlan tagging (due to ISP issue).

AdguardHome, Cloud Management, ipv6 are enabled.

Currently there is no USB plugged in, only wan and 1 lan cable.

Do you have any idea on checking the error/crash log if there is any?

Thank you.

Edited: using 3.207

Yesterday, the device hung while I was viewing some settings in the Luci interface. (I didn’t change anything, just inspected the system settings and resources). I had to cut the power off in order to restart the router. However, the LED was not flashing that time.

Hi Jounouchi:

After logging in to the router through SSH, execute the following command.(SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs)
uci set system.@system[0].log_size=‘1024’
uci set system.@system[0].log_file=‘/etc/ax1800.log’
uci commit system
/etc/init.d/system restart
/etc/init.d/log restart

If that happens again, please help to send me the file:

Thank you very much.

Ok, will try tonight and observed again.

Is it possible for you to share your email address?

Wanna avoid the log being uploaded in public, thanks.