Flint - Request to update Adblock and luci-app-adblock

Hi Everyone,

I would like to request if you can update the repo for adblock and luci-app-adblock to the latest version for Flint.

Currently using the firmware qsdk-ax1800-3.207. The one currently on this firmware is only version 1.5.4-1 (adblock) and git-20.356.08465-e96d522-1 (luci-app-adblock).

I would like to use this instead of AdguardHome (due to the issues encountered by most people).

Thank you.

We’re working on updating Flint to OpenWrt to 21.02 now. The adblock will be the latest eventually. What’s the issue of AdguardHome?

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Thanks panpan for the update. I’m willing to wait for Flint to have OpenWrt 21.02 even if it’ll take months or year? The other issue with Flint is when IPv6 is enabled, we can’t browse the internet, hopefully this gets resolved on the next firmware update.

The issue with AdguardHome mostly is the memory leak. Please refer to Flint memory leak ? - #24 by morcheba

Right now I’ve enabled Adguard home and added a scheduled task on the luci → System > Scheduled Tasks

10 12 * * * echo ‘3’ > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

I think this will do the command at 12:10am everyday or 12:10pm everday. Will monitor if this helps.

Thanks again.

As the memory cache can be dropped, it is not memory leak. But investigating memory usage of adguard.

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Thank you alzhao for the update.

could you provide any time estimate/roadmap when we can expect the first beta (baset on v21.02)?

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Please ensure PPPoE issue isn’t coming back. It finally got resolved in last stable build for Flint… finally.

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This’ll probably take a year or even years due to QSDK CodeLinaro Wiki | CodeLinaro Wiki

At the moment, latest/snapshot openwrt support for wifi 6 routers are all mediatek chipsets. [OpenWrt Wiki] Table of Hardware: Full details

There are good process on ath11k for Qualcomm IPQ series now.