Flint won't connect to the internet after a power outage

I recently bought a new Flint router. It’s flashed with firmware 4.1 release 6 out of the box.
I configured VPN client on it - no issue
I notice that after a power outage, it won’t reconnect to the internet. I have to reboot it to connect to the internet.

It seems that when the Flint restarts, it needs to see the internet working on the modem.
However after a power outage, the modem takes more time to establish the internet than the Flint. The Flint is ready before the modem. So the Flint decides there is no internet and it doesn’t try to reconnect. And I have to reboot it by myself to connect to the internet.

My network:
Cable Modem - router 1 - Flint connected to router 1 as router mode in wan port.

Any ideas how I can fix this issue or workaround?


It seems a uboot problem, that can be solved updating it.
This topic explains it better:

Could also be how the Multi-WAN is setup conflicting with the VPN killswitch.

4.2.0 is just released today. Can you pls try?

Is the vpn openvpn or wireguard? Can you give the log?

@alzhao 4.2 Issued in the stable or beta?
I can’t find any new firmware released today

I think alzhao might be referring to this.
This build changes daily
Date Compiled: 2023-03-14 18:46:46 (UTC-04:00)

SHA256: 49584066b47373d9c303ac90e17643bb527268bb277f887df2001d8b87cf433b
It is a snapshot Firmware build
The beta build is from 3-9-2023 (Month-day-year)

I mean this one GL.iNet download center

Try without keep settings to avoid bugs during upgrade.