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Hey I try to set up my GL-X750 (Spitz) Version 2, but anything which needed to be done at LuCi/Openwrt is kind of mystery to me - I mean I don t understand a word. My problem is that I m not a software guy, and close to any information about this is available in english, so this make it close to impossible to me to understand a word.

I try to set up Travelmate and DLNA/Filetransfer - but I don t get it. For the later there is not enough space, I could mount a usb stick to the system, but it s does not expand the storage.

For Travelmate I could not find out what “Create Uplink interface” means.

So you see I m kind of brainless and need a one by one instruction, is there a place where I can find it?

Thx in advance and sorry for the effort

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Don’t be hard on yourself. Even if you were using Linux on your PC for years, this distribution/version that runs ‘behind the scene’ of GL’s GUI, OpenWrt, is a very different ecosystem. It does require some considerable measure of patience.

Can I make a suggestion you might not be excited to hear? Upgrade to something more recent like the Slate Plus or better. Then you won’t need to bother w/ Travelmate as that functionality is already be built in. You can still use the Spitz for the 4G/LTE, connecting its LAN port to the WAN port of the Slate Plus. The Spitz will then be the ‘modem’ while the Slate Plus does everything else… including file sharing/file transfer. It has a USB 3.0 port so file transfer can be much quicker than the Spitz with even the best mircoSD/Transflash memory card depending on the USB drive you connect to it.

I suggest this because GL has made vast improvements in both their hardware and GUI since I got my first GL router, a Certa, which came out in 2017. It really is much, much easier than back then. I may be wrong but I think your Spitz came out not long after 2017.


Please refer to

But it’s not just a matter of storage space that we don’t pre-install these features. The CPU performance of older products is not enough to support running various file sharing services.
After installation, you may be able to transfer music using DLNA. But if you want to transfer HD video via DLNA, you’d better get a new device.

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… but the issue of trying to setup Repeater functionality via Travelmate or other opkg package would persist. Personally speaking I wouldn’t want that frustration as an end user (which I am) when I know GL’s latest offerings are so much better than what was available in 2017.

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Thanks for the replies, I wasn t aware that the Spitz is from 2017, I could not imagine that gadgets will be in production for such a long time.

I was trying the extroot way, but as said I m not sharp enough to successfully do it. So I will rethink and either go for the Slate Plus or a router from competition.

I once had a OpenWrt device corrupt the filesystem used on the extroot USB drive. It virtually ‘bricked’ the device… & I wasted, I feel, too much time repairing w/ a replacement drive.

This was back in the ‘bad old days’, somewhere around 2014, when most consumer routers only had 16MB of flash storage; forcing one to use extroot if wanting to do anything advanced. That’s not the case anymore! The Slate AX, Slate Plus both feature 128MB flash storage. I have a Slate AX. Its 128MB has 87.78MB used by the system. 41.12MB is still available after using a mere 2.11MB for some additional apps I optionally installed.

The Beryl AX has 256MB total.

I think quite a lot could be done w/ even 41.12MB considering the functions already provided ‘out of the box’ with the GL GUI (eg: repeater mode).

EDIT: Also, for you consideration, you might be interested in the results of @swissarmyknife’s testing of streaming three, yes three, simultaneous 1080p videos using the stock/built-in capabilities of his Beryl AX with a flash drive connected to its USB 3.0 port!:

Something to think about.

So I got me a Slate AX instead, but now I need to know which USB sticks will work with it out of the box, is there a list?

Hey, congratulations!

Are you only looking @ USB sticks? Others have used SSD/NVMEs in external enclosures successfully… but to your question:

We have word from GL the Beryl AX is:

… so I would look for a stick w/ a minimum of 80 MB/s write. Most are advertised in read. Eg: Samsung’s FIT Plus USB 3.1, 256GB is advertised 400 MB/s read, 110 write. I’ve hit 116MB/s write on it my Flint (GL AX1800). Testing gives 412.13 R, 116.97 MB/s W (SEQ1M/8QT1) using CrystalDisk 8.04 x64.

Meanwhile my Samsung BAR Plus USB 3.1, 128GB hits 411.31 R, 64.80 MB/s W in SEQ1M/8QT1 (CrystalDisk 8.04 x64).

So there’s a bit of a difference. Basically any brand name drive/stick would work but I personally use Samsung & Kingston. Don’t forget you have a microSD slot too.

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Sorry I was a little unclear, I m looking for USB LTE sticks, the one I have at home won t be detected (It is a Medion/Mediatek stick). So I want to use the Slate AX also as my mobile gateway to the net.

@rain @alzhao @yuxin.zou

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Post the model.

Check if your stick work in tethering mode, which is the easiest.

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