GL-AR150 router with extra USB wifi device


Feature request: It would be cool if the AR150 could route between two wifi devices. One would be the onboard wifi device, and the other a supported USB wifi device.

It can be done via the ‘advanced’ openers Luci interface, but it would be more convenient if there was a way to manage this in the simple AR150 interface.

An extra wifi device is better than just a repeater over one device, as both have full access to their bandwidth.


Do you mean load balancing?


No, I mean the same feature the Alf Network R36 router has.
Connect to a wifi network, and broadcast your own Wifi network. Create your own hotspot from a distant source.

This is ideal for campsites, harbours, to share a distant wifi over your own hotspot.


Load balancing would be a plus


The GL routers already do that, albeit not with “a long range wifi receiver”


You can connect long range 3070 or 8187 WiFi dongle.


But not in the normal userinterface does it?


Yes, under WISP mode.


Not with two WiFi antenna’s

Functionality like or the Alfa R36 would be cool…