Support for USB WIFI Adaptors

This is a Feature request for future GL iNet firmware: Support for USB WIFI Adapters

For multiple reasons users need to add a USB WIFI adapter to their GL iNet travel router, which the GL iNet GUI does not handle, and I have seen the GL iNet GUI overwrite changes that I have made to my router configuration with LUCI, to get my USB WIFI adapter to work. Right now the only way to configure a USB WIFI adapter is to flash the router with a generic version of OpenWrt, and give up on the GL iNet firmware. You loose a lot of features when you do this.

My reason for needing a USB WIFI adapter is I need to reach an AP that is out of range of my AR300M16-ext. Using generic OpenWrt firmware on my AR300M16-ext with a $10.00 RT3070 USB WIFI adapter shows more then a 20db improvement over the AR300M16-ext radio. I purchased the “ext” model of the AR300M16 so I would have an extended WIFI range device, but the product is not that good when compared to some inexpensive USB WIFI adapters that are readily available.

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Sorry not ignoring. But didn’t have a good solution for you. We are not good at antenna design.

The GL iNet travel routers support USB modems, USB storage, and USB tethering, but there is no support for USB WIFI. Even if the support started with only supporting the RT3070 chipset, that would help most of the requests I have seen in this forum. As the driver for the RT3070 is already in the GL iNet routers, it is only a user space software change.

Here are several posts to the forum looking for help or support of USB WIFI devices on GL iNet routers:

Thank you for your consideration.


Should be a sticky topic at the top of the forum.

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