GL-AR150 won't connect using usb tethering iOS 14

with ios 13 it was working good and now it is not
is there any upgrade to fix it?
here some screenshots

i could not upgrade firmware without that error

Might be worth referring to this thread :thinking:

I read that but there is no solution

Correct. Until Apple, or OpenWRT crew, or Gl.iNet come up with a fix, there is no solution.

The first error you’re getting is because you are trying to update packages, but because IOS14 isn’t tethering properly you don’t have an internet connection to download the package updates from the (internet based) repository I’m assuming.

That error is completely independent of the firmware “update”, in fact if you did update the packages, it’s most likely that if you did the firmware update after updating the packages then the firmware would overwrite back to the older versions anyway.

Nothing you can do about that unless you use a different internet connection or you wait until someone fixes the IOS 14 issue.

Apple won’t change anything. Beta 14.2 is also not working.

GL.Net / OpenWRT needs to solve this


Does anybody know an alternative setup not facing this issue? Any workaround known?